Apr 12 2013

Voucher Expansion in Wisconsin – Be Active and Informed

Governor Walker is still pushing legislators to enact a law to create voucher schools in large school districts outside of Milwaukee, including MadisonVouchers enable parents to send their children to private and religious schools using tax dollars meant for public schools.  The voucher money comes directly at the expense of the local public school district budget, whether the community approves or not, and leaves public schools with even fewer resources.  This move, following the Governor’s historic cuts in the last budget, is a direct threat to public education as we know it.  Pro-voucher groups are contributing millions of dollars in Wisconsin to promote this flawed concept. 

MTI is hosting a special, one-night phone bank to encourage Wisconsin residents in targeted senate districts to tell their state senator that they oppose the expansion of private school vouchers and the systematic dismantling of the Wisconsin’s public school system.  These calls will seek out willing constituents who will then be directly patched to their respective senator’s phone from your call.  We need volunteers who can bring a cell phone and charger to use. 

We will have laptop computers available which will be used to make calls on a predictive dialer program; meaning you only get connected when someone answers the phone.  There will no dials, few answering machines and lots of opportunities to discuss this issue with voters who can make a difference.

For those of you who are passionate about this issue but reticent to make phone calls…this is purely a numbers situation.  The more folks we speak to, the more calls to the senators.  We are not asking anyone to convince someone who is unwilling or not supportive.  Additionally, although some may not agree to call their senators they may be willing to hear the concerns about voucher schools and public education.

Please join us in this effort to turn the tide on this disastrous legislation which could bring private school vouchers to Madison, without the Board of Education’s consent.

See below for additional details:  Printable Flyer Here

What:                   Phone calls to save Madison Public Schools
When:                  Tuesday April 23, 2013, 4:30 – 8:00 PM
Where:                MTI Offices, 821 Williamson Street (map)
Needed:              A cell phone to make calls and a charger (may be needed)
Optional:             Bring your own laptop if you’d like to use it

Contact Jeff Knight (knightj@madisonteachers.org / 257-0491) if you can make it.  We really need your help!

Additional Information on Vouchers and Other Ways to Help

Attend a meeting of the joint finance committee

If you think vouchers are wrong for Madison, some members of the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee are going to give you a chance to speak up. Seven additional hearings have been scheduled, one in Madison:

Tuesday, April 23
Black Hawk Middle School
4:00-7:00 p.m.
1402 Wyoming Way, Madison

All JFC members have been invited and your local lawmakers should be there, too. If you are unable to make phone calls, consider providing your opinion in person.

Sign the petition to stop voucher expansion
Click to Stop Voucher Expansion




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