2015-16 Surplus and Layoff Summary

This is intended as a quick reference document. Refer to the 2015-16 Surplus FAQ and Contract Sections IV-F and IV-O for more detailed language related to surplus and layoff procedures. Anticipated dates for MMSD surplus and assignment procedures are also listed below.  Download as .pdf.


  • Above staff requirements within school
  • Request volunteers; principal not bound to accept
  • Based on seniority
  • Elementary/middle surplus by school “except where instructional requirements are disrupted”
  • High school surplus by department based on seniority and certification
  • Preference for reassignment
  • Declarations made in late February – early March, Contract deadline July 1
  • Surplus reassignments to vacant positions prior to posting until May 1


  • Above staff requirements in the District
  • Based on seniority within certification area
  • Recall rights
  • Layoff notices due May 27 (ten days before last day of school)
  • Unemployment


  • Total years of continuous service in the District under regular contract
  • Tied seniority – qualifications as determined by the District (surplus); random drawing (layoff)
  • No such thing as “building seniority”

Surplus Reassignment/Vacancy Posting/Filling Vacancies

  • Declare preferences for reassignment on surplus form
  • Surplus staff reassigned to vacant positions up until May 1 prior to posting; will include an interview process
  • Surplus staff still unassigned on May 1 will be considered for vacancies along with internal transfer candidates and external hires
  • Vacancies posted from May 1 (or earlier) until July 16

Layoff Process

  • Layoff based on seniority within certification area across the entire District
  • Notice of layoff delivered no later than May 27
  • MTI conducts end of year layoff meeting to review layoff/recall procedure and unemployment benefits
  • Recall rights to next vacant position within area of certification

MMSD Staffing Timeline 2016 (approximate)

  • February 16 – budgeted allocations sent to schools
  • February 15-26 – surplus decisions sent to Human Resources
  • February 22-26 – surplus notices issued to affected staff in buildings
  • February 26-March 3 – surplus notices sent to Central Office staff
  • March 16–April 15 – Referral of surplus staff to principals for reassignment
  • April 15 – projected first vacancy posting, teacher unit (mega-post)
  • April 15-22 – layoff / non-renewal notices delivered to affected staff
  • May 1 – surplus reassignment process completed
  • May 27 – last date for layoff / non-renewal notices per Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • June 15 – signed contracts deadline
  • July 1 – surplus deadline
  • July 16 – vacancies created after this date not posted through first four (4) weeks of school