Nov 18 2016

Verifying your Biometric Screening and HRA Status


Verify and View Your Bio-Metric Screening through Interra Health

Use one of the three methods listed below. 

  1. Call Interra at 414-755-4898
  2. Email:
  3. They can log into their Interra Health account (AKA InHealth Dashboard).  Here are some specific directions:
  • Head to and use your Participant ID (Employee B Number-numbers only), Password* and Company ID (MMSD) to log on.  
    *Please note, if you have NEVER accessed your InHealth Dashboard your password will be wellness.  If you logged on any point in the past you would have created a new permanent password at that time.  That would be the password that you would need to enter in order to successfully log-in. Requirements include a minimum of 8 characters, an upper case letter, lower case letter, symbol and number.  Should you need assistance with the password you have a couple options, all employees have an email address is on file, so you have the ability to reset your own password.  You will just need to click on the green “Forgot Your Password” link under the log-in information to begin the process.   Once the password reset pops up, simply fill in your ID, your DOB (MM/DD/YYYY) and company ID (MMSD).  Please double-check your spam folder if the new password email doesn’t arrive within a few minutes OR call our office at 414-755-4898.
  • Once on the homepage, look to your Action Items, mid-center of the page.  If there is a green check mark in the “Status” portion, your biometric results are in the system and your participation in this portion of the program has been logged.

View your current results:

  1. Click the Reports at the top or left hand side of your InHealth Dashboard homepage.
  2. Select the 2016 program year from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Your Report Type
    1. Full Report – select the Full Report button if you wish to view a comprehensive report detailing your biometric scores.
    2. Short Report – select the Short Report button if you wish to view a short summary report of your biometric scores.


Verify your Online Health Risk Assessment with your Insurance Provider

  • MMSD will not have confirmation until December 15th if you have completed your online health risk assessment.  Your insurance carrier will notify MMSD that you completed your assessment..
  • Dean:  Log into the web page  

    To verify HRA completion, log back in to the WebMD Living Healthy portal and click the “Rewards” tab.  In the center of the page it should say “Hooray you have earned all your rewards.”  A screenshot of the page is below. If you do not see this, continue to scroll down and it will show what is required in order to get to full completion.

  • Unity:  Log into My Chart

    A participant will show as complete if you received the “print certificate” screen after completing the HRA questionnaire.  To verify that you have completed the questionnaire, return to the online HRA questionnaire to verify.  You can also call Unity’s customer service to ask:  1-800-362-23310.

  • GHC:  Logging into GHC My chart or .   Link for directions.  Under step 4 you can see  your “completed date” and if it’s within the time frame that MMSD requires, then you will be on the HRA completion list.

  • You must have completed your assessment after August (any assessment you have taken previously will not count).  You must complete your assessment by December 14, 2016.
  • You can participate in the online health risk assessment before you complete your biometric screening.

You will be notified by a letter from MMSD if you have not met the requirements for the wellness assessment.  

Contact the MMSD Benefits Helpdesk ( with any questions.