Mar 29 2017

Library Media Technology Issues at the Capitol – 3/31

A group of librarians in MMSD are taking action!  

We are visiting our Senators and Legislators on March 31 at 4pm at the Capitol. 

Some Library Media Technology Specialist issues have arisen around the Common School Fund (CSF). It is the fund solely dedicated to funding school libraries around the state. Next year, voters will vote on whether or not a crucial part will change. As you know, we need to protect our libraries. I can talk further about this with you or someone else.

Here are our talking points and issues for our legislators. 

In addition, we are advocating for the increased K-12 funding that Gov. Walker proposes although he complicates things for MMSD. This is the section I put in:

K-12 Funding and Educational Technology in the State Budget: Governor Walker, in the 2017-2019 state budget, includes a $649 million dollar increase to educational funding. We support the increase in funding as increased K-12 funding helps support strong school libraries. Strong school libraries help build strong students and school librarians play a vital role in the teaching and learning process. Increased funding also supports funding for digital learning for all students regardless of geographic location or socio-economic status as well as professional development needed to integrate quality online resources and tools in the classroom. In addition, his budget supports funding Increases for Broadband Expansion Grants (not school or libraries at this time though). Note that Governor Walker only increases K-12 educational funding for those districts whose employees contribute %12 towards their health insurance. MMSD currently does not. MTI (Madison Teachers, Inc.) and MMSD are currently working on the potential health insurance changes and compensation issues. 

Here is the email and materials sent to MMSD librarians: 

Hi, wonderful and talented librarians!

You are invited to…visit the Wisconsin Capitol to talk with our State Senators and Representatives about school library issues on F, March 31 from  4 to 4:45pm. 

We will meet at the Wisconsin Capitol room 201 SE.

RSVP so I can get a folder together for you. Feel free to invite other school librarians who are around the MMSD. Materials including talking points, issues, visual guide, and whos who are linked below.

The following Senators and Representatives will be able to attend. As noted, some may send a staff person.  

Sen Fitzgerald — sending staff person (He is the Senate Majority Leader — nothing can come up in the Senate without his approval)
Sen Miller
Sen Risser
Rep Anderson — will probably be there but sending a staff person if need be
Rep Berceau 
Rep Hebl — will send a staff person
Rep Hesselbein — will send a staff person as daughter’s are out of school that day 
Rep Kleefisch — sending a staff person
Rep Sargent
Rep Taylor — sending a staff person as daughters are out of school that day
Sen. Erpenbach, Unable to attend, but he will get the information from Sen Miller’s office

Here are some sheets that will be helpful:

This will be a chance to inform, talk, and discuss issues that are important to you as a school librarian. 

To find out who your home and school legislators are, you can go to the following site: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/ 

We are unable to visit during school contract hours and thought March 31 would be a good day to plan this.