Nov 22 2017

Recertification Results 2017

Great news! Shortly after 2:00 pm today, the WERC posted the recertification results on their webpage.  All MTI bargaining units have successfully recertified in large numbers!  Nearly 80% of all eligible voters cast ballots in the recertification election, including 86% of the teacher unit, 69% of the ESEA unit, and 63% of the USO unit. Of those who voted, 99% voted to recertify.  

In order to recertify, each unit needed 51% of all eligible voters to cast a ballot in favor of recertification. Each MTI bargaining unit beat that requirement, with the MTI Teacher unit leading the way with 85% of all eligible voters casting a ballot to recertify.  

The large turnout is a testament to the hard work of over 100 MTI member organizers who have reached out and engaged their colleagues in conversations about their Union over the past month.

The turnout is also a testament to the 3,430 MTI-represented employees who recognize that our public schools and our professions will be better served if we continue to Stand Together”.

See the results below:                                                                                                                                           


2017 Final Vote Total Eligible Final % Votes Yes Votes No of Total % Yes of Voters % Yes
ESEA 628 908 69.2% 620 8 68.28% 98.73%
MTI 2450 2860 85.7% 2424 26 84.76% 98.94%
USO 388 613 63.3% 386 2 62.97% 99.48%
Total 3466 4381 79.11% 3430 36 78.29% 98.96%