Feb 16 2018

Working People’s Day of Action 2-24-18

Saturday, February 24- 1:00 p.m., State Street and Capitol Lawn, Madison, Wisconsin

On February 24, workers around the country will be taking a stand against the continued assault on the rights of working people! AFSCME Wisconsin, MTI, and other partner organizations invite all working people to participate in this Madison event at the State Capitol. Speakers at the rally will address the power workers have to demand fair treatment, the proud history of labor, and the pending U.S. Supreme Court Janus decision, which is within days of the rallies. Spread the word at your work location, wear your MTI red, and join us in solidarity! For us in Wisconsin, this event also marks the 7th anniversary of the historic Act 10 uprising and provides us an opportunity to reenergize for fall elections in order to reclaim the progressive tradition of our state.