Apr 10 2018

MTI Continues Work on School Safety and BEP Concerns: Your Input Needed

The Board of Education has heard from staff, students, and the community that immediate changes are needed to address school climate and student behavior issues, and is scheduled to discuss policy changes and staffing needs on May 7.

The MTI Board of Directors will be meeting Tuesday, April 10, to draft an educators’ platform for the School Climate Our Students Deserve, a series of specific recommendations to advance to the BOE by May 7.

We are offering multiple opportunities for members to contribute to this discussion:

  1. Help the MTI Board draft the platform by e-mailing your recommendations to improve school climate and increase school safety by Sunday, April 8.
  2. Complete the member survey that will be distributed to all MTI members seeking feedback on the platform after it is drafted next week.
  3. Attend the MTI Faculty Representative Council meeting on Tuesday, April 17, to review member feedback and finalize the platform.
  4. Wear red and attend the Regular Board of Education meeting on Monday, April 30, where MTI will be sharing the School Climate Our Students Deserve with the Board of Education.

Also, in case you missed it.  See this update on actions which have occurred the past two weeks on these issues.