2.13% Cost-of Living Pay Increase Effective July 1 Thanks to Active Union Members

Last month, the 2018-19 MTI Collective Bargaining Agreements with the MMSD were ratified by the membership of MTI, as well as the Board of Education.  The agreement was the result of your hard work and that of your union brothers and sisters and provides a 2.13% cost-of-living increase effective July 1, 2018.

  • When bargaining commenced, the District budgeted for only a 0.5% base-wage increase while MTI pushed for a 2.13% cost-of-living increase.
  • To support the Union’s demands, MTI organized a Cost-of-Living Contract Campaign that included MTI members, allies and community supporters lobbying the Board of Education, culminating in hundreds of MTI members packing and testifying at Board of Education meetings in April and May.
  • Two mediation sessions then followed with MTI’s Teacher, ESEA and USO bargaining teams meeting in joint sessions, reaching agreement on June 4 on 2.13% cost-of-living increase.
  • The 2.13% base-wage increase is in addition to the scheduled step increases employees receive pursuant to the salary schedules first negotiated by MTI which continue in the MMSD Employee Handbook.  Between the base-wage increase and annual step increases, the “average” MTI-represented employee will receive approximately a 4% increase in pay for 2018-19.
  • Compared to the District’s initial 0.5% proposal, the “average” teacher will receive approximately $900 more in pay next school year with the District investing an additional $2.5 million in employee salaries due to MTI’s bargaining efforts.
  • These increases are a direct result of the efforts of hundreds of organized, active and engaged MTI members.