Opportunity with Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools


Last spring, MTI surveyed members and found strong interest in a proposal from the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools to build a crowdfunding platform to connect Madison teachers with financial resources.  The Foundation is now looking for a team of Madison teachers to help test the platform and provide feedback.  See the message below and contact Melinda Heinritz, Executive Director of FMPS, if interested or in need of additional information (mheinritz@fmps.org) or 232-7820.

We need your help!  The Foundation for Madison’s PublicSchools is building a crowdfunding platform just for you, thanks to the generous support of Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC).  TASC has asked us to recruit a group of 6-8 teachers to test the platform during our design phase.  We’re looking for teachers with no experience using crowdfunding, with lots of experience, and everything in between.  TASC will pay you for your time, and some of the testing can happen at your home.  We’k like to bring the group together later this summer.  With your help, we’ll ensure that the platform meets your needs and is easy to use.  The Foundation is honored to support you and your classrooms, and we will promote our crowdfunding program to the greater Madison community on a consistent basis.  Thank you for your consideration!”