High School Scheduling Update

MTI staff and MTI Faculty Reps from each comprehensive high school met with the District to discuss potential changes to the high school bell schedule across the district.   In the meeting the District explained the why and need for exploring other models and provides information in this Executive Summary.

 In addition to the student-centered criteria identified previously, the MTI Reps advocated that criteria also be established to ensure that educators receive sufficient planning and preparation time, as well as a reasonable number of class prep assignments, in the consideration of any revised bell schedule. 

MTI Reps will be working with high school teachers this fall to identify and share those professional needs and concerns as part of Employee Handbook discussions as well as the quarterly collaboration meetings. The MTI Reps also requested that the District provide all high school staff with and update of this work, as well as identify continued avenues for employee voice as these changes are considered.  

The District will also be administering a survey to inform educators of the options being considered and collect feedback. This feedback will be shared with the MTI-MMSD High School Scheduling work group, as we meet quarterly to continue the discussion. MTI encourages all MTI-represented high school staff to complete the survey to share their thoughts and perspectives.