Consider Becoming an MTI Leader

Do you have ideas on how to improve your profession or better advocate for your students?  Consider applying your ideas, energy and efforts as an elected leader of MTI.  MTI is a democratic Union with nearly 200 teachers currently serving in an elected or appointed leadership capacity.

MTI Faculty Representative:  Serving as an MTI Faculty Representative is the most common point of entry to Union leadership.  If you are interested in serving as an MTI Faculty Rep at your work location, see your senior MTI Faculty Rep or contact MTI staff.

For those ready to take the next step in MTI leadership, positions are currently available on MTI Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Handbook/Bargaining Committee, Political Action Committee, and Cabinet on Personnel.

Nominations will be received at the September 25 meeting of the MTI Faculty Representative Council to fill MTI Board At-Large positions and Committee vacancies caused by retirement or resignations, and for terms that are expiring.  Nominations for any of the positions described in this article can be called in to MTI Headquarters (257-0491) prior to the September Council meeting, or made from the floor at the September Council meeting by an MTI Faculty Representative.  Pursuant to MTI Bylaws, the election for all referenced positions will be held at the October Council meeting.

MTI Board of Directors.  At-Large terms expire for:

  • Pete Opps
  • Jessica Hotz
  • A vacancy exists due to Michael Jones being elected Vice-President

The MTI Board of Directors manages the affairs of MTI in accordance with the policies established by the Faculty Rep Council, the Joint Fiscal Group and the Cabinet on Personnel.  The Board consists of 9 members.  Five officers are elected by the general membership and four At-Large positions are elected by the MTI Faculty Representative Council.  Meetings of the MTI Board are generally held on the second Tuesday of the month, at 4:30pm at MTI Headquarters.

Finance Committee.  One-year terms expire for:

  • Bruce Bobb (Hoyt) seeking re-election.
  • Holly Hansen (Lapham) seeking re-election.
  • A vacancy exists due to the retirement of Cindy Barbera.

The Finance Committee prepares the annual MTI Budget for consideration by the MTI Joint Fiscal Group. The MTI Finance Committee meets each year and generally completes its business in February, given that under MTI’s Bylaws the Budget is presented at the March meeting of the MTI Joint Fiscal Group and is voted upon at the April meeting.
Cabinet on Personnel.  Two-tear terms expire for:

  • Holly Hansen (Lapham) seeking re-election.
  • Cindy Ball (Jefferson) seeking re-election..

The Cabinet on Personnel oversees MTI’s employment relations with its staff. The Cabinet meets on an as-needed basis.
Political Action Committee (MTI VOTERS).  Two-year terms expire for:

  • Kathryn Burns (Shorewood) seeking re-election.
  • Sandy Welander (Schenk) seeking re-election.
  • Liz Donnelly (Elvehjem) seeking re-election.
  • Three vacancies exist due to retirements/resignation.  Nobel Perez (Muir/Crestwood) and Abby Morrison (Olson) have been nominated for two of the positions. 

MTI’s Political Action Committee usually meets once per month, and additionally as necessary to interview candidates for election in Wisconsin’s primary and general elections. The Committee recommends endorsements for consideration by MTI members.
Handbook/Bargaining Committee.  Nominations for two (2) positions on the MTI Handbook/Bargaining Committee. 

  • One vacancy exists for a student services high school representative due to a resignation. The term expires May, 2021.
  • A second vacancy exists for an elementary school representative due to a reassignment.  The term expires May, 2019.

The Handbook/Bargaining Committee researches and makes recommendations on issues to bargain/discuss and selects participants to engage in: 1) negotiations with the District over Collective Bargaining Agreements, and 2) discussions over revisions to the Employee Handbook. The Committee meets annually on an as needed basis.

If you have any questions about these vacancies or would like more information, please contact MTI President Andy Waity or MTI Executive Director Doug Keillor.