A New Day!

We just received word that Governor Walker conceded the election!

In 2011, Governor Walker entered office with an intentional strategy to “divide and conquer.” His signature Act 10, dramatically cut funding for education by $1 billion, stripped public employees of nearly all bargaining rights, and discouraged a generation of young people from entering public service. Our state and nation have been divided and simplified into two colors – neither of which adequately represents the myriad shades of our common humanity.
While the people have been divided, we have not been conquered. When the state abdicated its responsibility to adequately fund our public schools, local communities, including Madison, stepped up and passed school referenda in overwhelming numbers to help fund their public schools. When the state stripped bargaining rights, unions such as MTI reorganized and adapted to the new political environment, finding new and innovative ways to collectively advocate for public education, students, and educators. We continue to stand together! 
Last night, we elected a new Governor, Tony Evers, who is intent on uniting our state rather than dividing us further, driven by issues rather than ideology. Evers is a pragmatist with a lifelong commitment to advancing public education and restoring respect to those who teach our children and serve our communities. Assuming the election results stand, Evers will be joined by Mandela Barnes who shares his passion for public education and inclusion, and will proudly serve our state as the first African-American elected to serve as Lieutenant Governor.
Unfortunately, Tony and Mandela will not be joined by new pro-education majorities in either the State Assembly or the State Senate and will be challenged in advancing all of the goals they shared during the campaign. But, make no mistake, if these election results stand, this is a huge victory and brings hope and opportunity for public education and educators.
We will have much collective work ahead of us as we continue to work to build the schools that our students deserve, but we will now be joined by strong allies in the Governor’s office committed to rolling up their sleeves and doing the hard work with us. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this effort along the way.

Celebrate this new day.  And, if you have yet to vote to Stand Together and recertify MTI, click here.  Thank you!