Teacher Salary Schedule Update – December 6, 2018

Good news!

At the December 3 meeting of the Teacher Salary Schedule/Compensation work group, we reached consensus on recommended teacher salary schedule changes. These recommendations were forwarded to the Employee Handbook Review Committee for their review on Thursday, December 6, and will be shared with the Board of Education on Monday, December 10.

We are pleased to report that the only recommended changes to the schedule will be those that the MTI participants to the committee support, including:

  • Moving Improvement levels to every 5 years with 6 academic and/or PAC credits required to pass
  • Removing half-steps for part-time employees, allowing part-time employees to advance a full step annually in same manner as full-time employees
  • Removing 2-year holds after Step 15, providing for annual step movement
    • Teachers in the BA tracks at levels 15 and above will receive approximately an 0.87% increase every year instead of 1.75% every two years
    • Teachers in the MA and PhD tracks at levels 15 and above will receive approximately a 1% increase every year instead of 2% every other year
  • Renaming steps to alpha rather than numerical

These recommendations represent a significant accomplishment for this Committee and for our Union. After we bargained a 2.13% cost-of-living base-wage increase for 2018-19, the BOE directed District Administration to work with MTI to identify modifications to the teacher salary schedule which would make it “more sustainable” (i.e. less costly). While committing to collaborate with the District on exploring potential changes that we felt were in our members’ interest, we consistently opposed any salary schedule changes which would reduce investments in our teaching staff. We shared this position repeatedly with District Administration and the Board of Education. At their November 12 meeting, the majority of the BOE agreed with us and amended their directive to District Administration to seek reductions in the schedule. Now we have reached consensus recommendations which retain the value and integrity of the salary schedule.

As always, we have much work ahead, including significant compensation issues such as health insurance premium renewals and base-wage bargaining for 2019-20, but our successful protection of the integrity of the teacher salary schedule is a major accomplishment.

MTI Salary/Compensation Handbook Work Group includes: Pamela Ferrill, Holly Hansen, John Howe, Nobel Perez, Kristin Scheffler, Ben Senson, Steve Somerson, Susan Stern, Amy Turkowski, Andy Waity, Kati Walsh, Jeff Knight, and Doug Keillor.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.