Supporting Our Member, Marlon Anderson

MTI Appealing Termination of West High School Security Assistant Marlon Anderson

As has now been reported by major media outlets across the nation, the MMSD has terminated Marlon Anderson, a School Security Assistant at West High School for allegedly violating the MMSD zero tolerance policy in his response to a student who called him the N-word. Marlon Anderson is a member of MTI, MTI is representing him in this employment matter, and we have filed a grievance on his behalf with the MMSD seeking his reinstatement with back pay for lost wages. Colleagues at West High School have established a Go Fund Me page to help provide Mr. Anderson and his family with some needed economic support during the appeal process. In related news, staff and students at West High and East High engaged in a walkout today and march to the MMSD Administration Building in support of Marlon Anderson and demanding his reinstatement.

All members of MTI are provided with representation in such employment matters, including representation by legal counsel as needed. More information on MTI representation is available here.

This morning, (October 21, 2019) the MTI Board of Directors sent this message to the Members of the Board of Education and MMSD Interim Superintendent Jane Belmore:

The statement includes the following demands:

  • Immediately reinstate Marlon Anderson as a member of the West High staff.
  • Review the current zero tolerance practice as it applies to staff members through a transparent and inclusive process that includes all stakeholders.
  • Work in good faith through actions that uplift the voices of staff, students, and families of color instead of silencing them, intentionally or otherwise.
  • Prioritize racial equity in our district by providing support for staff and a true partnership with MTI in lifting the voice of staff, especially staff of color, in this work.

As you are aware, MTI has filed a grievance over the District’s termination of Mr. Anderson and a hearing before an Impartial Hearing Officer has been scheduled for November 12. Rather than delaying this decision and awaiting the verdict of the  Impartial Hearing Officer, we believe the District should immediately acknowledge its error in terminating Mr. Anderson and immediately reinstate him to his position at West High, while commencing a broader review of its zero tolerance practice.  

10-21-2019 MTI Board Statement Demanding Reinstatement of Marlon Anderson

UPDATE: 5:06 p.m. October 21, 2019

The Madison Metropolitan School District Rescinds Termination of Marlon Anderson

Representatives from the Madison Metropolitan School District contacted MTI today at approximately 4:30 pm to inform us of the following:

  1. Interim Superintendent Jane Belmore has decided to rescind the termination of Marlon Anderson;
  2. Mr. Anderson will be returned to pay status immediately, including full benefits;
  3. The District will continue Mr. Anderson on paid leave while a transition plan is finalized to return him to work.

MTI immediately shared this news with Marlon Anderson who then shared the following statement via his Facebook page:

“MTI is pleased to see the District rescind the termination of Marlon Anderson, paving the way for him to return to the incredible work he does with Madison’s students. We now look forward to working with the District to review and address its zero tolerance policy”, said MTI Executive Director Doug Keillor.