2020 Leadership Opportunities

Ready to Represent? Learn more about the role of a Union Faculty/Building Representative.

2020 Faculty and Building Representative Elections

Elections for MTI Faculty Reps and ESEA-MTI Building Reps are happening the week of May 18, 2020. Nominations for these positions are open now. All members should be getting emails with information and links to nominate candidates. If you didn’t get a message check your spam folder or you may need to update your contact information with MTI.  If you have any questions please email President Waity awaity@madisonteachers.org    

MTI Faculty Reps/ESEA Building Reps – The Cornerstones of Our Union

MTI is a member led Union and that is reflected in our motto, “Collectively we decide, united we act”. Faculty / Building Representatives, elected by their colleagues, serve a number of key functions in our collective work. They provide direct support and information to members in every school/worksite across MMSD. They serve on the Faculty Representative Council/Building Representatives Meeting, MTIESEA’s policy making bodies, and meet monthly during the school year to guide the work of our Union. Faculty Reps provide opportunities for members to share ideas and concerns around issues that may be specific or more broadly felt. They represent their colleagues in proactively addressing concerns through Collaborative Problem Solving and other work. The end goal is a Union Strong community for every educator and staff in MMSD.

With all of these roles and responsibilities it is important that a number of people take on the role of Faculty/Building Rep. The bylaws of both MTI and MTI-ESEA allow for 1 Rep per 15 members. Additional members can be involved as Alternate Reps. Representatives from both units are elected during the week of May 18. Over the next couple of months we will be sharing more about the important role our Reps play in MTI. As you learn more we hope that you will consider becoming involved as a Rep or Alternate at your school/worksite. For more information contact one of the Reps at your school or President Waity (awaity@madisonteachers.org).