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USO LogoSupportive Educational Employees Collective Bargaining Unit

SEE-MTI represents the following employees of the Madison Metropolitan School District:

  • Clerical Staff
  • Computer and AV Technicians and Programmers
  • Family Community Liaisons







 SEE-MTI Board of Directors:

Name Office Term Expiration Work Location Work Phone Home Phone
Travis Grover President 12/2017 Information Serv. 663-5453 838-3627
Vacant Past President        
Larry Palm Vice President (Schools) 12/2017 Lapham 204-1582 692-8416
Jane Ninmann Secretary 12/2017 Lindbergh 204-6500 849-6504
Elizabeth Contrucci High School Rep. 12/2017 Memorial 663-5990 848-3210
Vacant Middle School Rep.        
Anne Jesse-Schwabe Elementary School Rep. 12/2018 Van Hise 204-4800 831-3856
  Central Admin        
  Central Admin        

SEE Salary Schedule 2016-17

SEE-MTI Bylaws

Just Cause and Due Process Presentation