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Solidarity for Racial Justice 📚 Summer Reading Groups

MTI CENTRS is offering two 4-week session summer book study groups to support  teachers in their ongoing anti-racism work.

In order to be compensated by either PAC or extended employment (up to 10 hours):

  • Participants need to commit to be present all four sessions, and
  • Participants must complete feedback forms at the end of the book study. 

Each session will hold four 90-minute face to face meetings in early afternoons (group will set time) at MTI. 

Tuesdays — Starting Tuesday, July 23 – Tuesday, August 13
This group will read: Bettina Love’s, We Want to Do More Than Survive.

Thursdays — Starting July 25 – August 15 will read, The Little Book of Racial Healing and Restorative Justice in Education.

Register online:

Sign Up: Summer Building Representative Sessions

MTI Presents Summer Sessions
Register online:

Workshops are intended to give MTI Rep Teams (Faculty & ESEA Building Reps) an opportunity to obtain information and plan for the 2019-20 school year.

Workshops will cover three components:
Overview of role & responsibilities of MTI Building Representatives.
– Opportunity to assign roles/responsibilites and plan for upcoming school year.
– Breakout sessions on areas of interest.

Select from one of two dates in August:
Thursday, August 1 from 9 am – 11:30 am
Thursday, August 15 from 9am – 11:30am

Register online:

SUMMER Restorative Practices Retreat June 24-25

Our May Restorative Practices retreat  (May 17-19) is completely full! But no worries, MTI CENTRS is partnering with WEAC to host a THIRD Restorative Practices two-day retreat. The retreat will be held at MTI (33 Nob Hill Rd) on June 24-25.  Participants will meet from 9-4 p.m. on both days, Wed. and Thu. Participants can choose PAC credits or a $150 stipend from the MTI CENTRS grant. Registration includes training materials, light breakfast, and lunch. The retreat is open to members of WEAC, which includes all members of MTI’s teacher bargaining unit. Space is limited to 30. Only 20 spots left already!For more information click here or Sign up now! Questions? This retreat is a repeat of the previous two. We will be designing a future retreat for continued support. MTI CENTRS is funded through an NEA GPS grant.

Teacher Salary Schedule Update – December 6, 2018

Good news!

At the December 3 meeting of the Teacher Salary Schedule/Compensation work group, we reached consensus on recommended teacher salary schedule changes. These recommendations were forwarded to the Employee Handbook Review Committee for their review on Thursday, December 6, and will be shared with the Board of Education on Monday, December 10.

We are pleased to report that the only recommended changes to the schedule will be those that the MTI participants to the committee support, including:

  • Moving Improvement levels to every 5 years with 6 academic and/or PAC credits required to pass
  • Removing half-steps for part-time employees, allowing part-time employees to advance a full step annually in same manner as full-time employees
  • Removing 2-year holds after Step 15, providing for annual step movement
    • Teachers in the BA tracks at levels 15 and above will receive approximately an 0.87% increase every year instead of 1.75% every two years
    • Teachers in the MA and PhD tracks at levels 15 and above will receive approximately a 1% increase every year instead of 2% every other year
  • Renaming steps to alpha rather than numerical

These recommendations represent a significant accomplishment for this Committee and for our Union. After we bargained a 2.13% cost-of-living base-wage increase for 2018-19, the BOE directed District Administration to work with MTI to identify modifications to the teacher salary schedule which would make it “more sustainable” (i.e. less costly). While committing to collaborate with the District on exploring potential changes that we felt were in our members’ interest, we consistently opposed any salary schedule changes which would reduce investments in our teaching staff. We shared this position repeatedly with District Administration and the Board of Education. At their November 12 meeting, the majority of the BOE agreed with us and amended their directive to District Administration to seek reductions in the schedule. Now we have reached consensus recommendations which retain the value and integrity of the salary schedule.

As always, we have much work ahead, including significant compensation issues such as health insurance premium renewals and base-wage bargaining for 2019-20, but our successful protection of the integrity of the teacher salary schedule is a major accomplishment.

MTI Salary/Compensation Handbook Work Group includes: Pamela Ferrill, Holly Hansen, John Howe, Nobel Perez, Kristin Scheffler, Ben Senson, Steve Somerson, Susan Stern, Amy Turkowski, Andy Waity, Kati Walsh, Jeff Knight, and Doug Keillor.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

We Did It! All MTI Bargaining Units have Successfully Recertified by Large Margins!


The WERC posted the MTI recertification election results this afternoon and each of MTI’s bargaining units have successfully recertified, continuing MTI as their certified labor representative.

  • In the Teacher unit, 90% of eligible voters cast ballots, with 99% of those voting to recertify.
  • In the ESEA unit, 69% of eligible voters cast ballots, with 99% of those voting to recertify.
  • In the USO unit, 53% of eligible voters cast ballots, with 99% of those voting to recertify.

The huge turnout and large margin of victory is a testament to the solidarity of our Union, the hard work of hundreds of MTI member organizers, and the continued commitment of 3,529 MTI-represented employees to“stand together”for our profession, our students, and our public schools.
Now it’s time to take a brief break, give thanks, and return to work after the holiday to provide the public schools our staff and community deserves.

Thanks to all who made their voices heard loud and clear by voting YES MTI!

Grow Our Own – Teacher Dual Certification Program

Consider this exciting opportunity!

The Student Services – Grown Our Own Teacher Dual Certification Program is intended for general education classroom teachers who are pursuing a cross categorical special education certification and for cross categorical special education teachers who are pursuing bilingual certification in MMSD.  Selected candidates are eligible to receive a $1,000 per each 3 credit course taken.  There is no limit on the number of courses that can be reimbursed each semester.  The District shall provide tuition reimbursement to a participant after successful course completion.  Successful completion of a course shall be evidenced by a report from the school showing a passing grade of “B” or better.

Apply online at the Student Services website: under Grow Our Own.  Also, please see the Participation Agreement on-line.

If you have any questions about the program please contact Scott Zimmerman at or by phone at 663-8486.

A New Day!

We just received word that Governor Walker conceded the election!

In 2011, Governor Walker entered office with an intentional strategy to “divide and conquer.” His signature Act 10, dramatically cut funding for education by $1 billion, stripped public employees of nearly all bargaining rights, and discouraged a generation of young people from entering public service. Our state and nation have been divided and simplified into two colors – neither of which adequately represents the myriad shades of our common humanity.
While the people have been divided, we have not been conquered. When the state abdicated its responsibility to adequately fund our public schools, local communities, including Madison, stepped up and passed school referenda in overwhelming numbers to help fund their public schools. When the state stripped bargaining rights, unions such as MTI reorganized and adapted to the new political environment, finding new and innovative ways to collectively advocate for public education, students, and educators. We continue to stand together! 
Last night, we elected a new Governor, Tony Evers, who is intent on uniting our state rather than dividing us further, driven by issues rather than ideology. Evers is a pragmatist with a lifelong commitment to advancing public education and restoring respect to those who teach our children and serve our communities. Assuming the election results stand, Evers will be joined by Mandela Barnes who shares his passion for public education and inclusion, and will proudly serve our state as the first African-American elected to serve as Lieutenant Governor.
Unfortunately, Tony and Mandela will not be joined by new pro-education majorities in either the State Assembly or the State Senate and will be challenged in advancing all of the goals they shared during the campaign. But, make no mistake, if these election results stand, this is a huge victory and brings hope and opportunity for public education and educators.
We will have much collective work ahead of us as we continue to work to build the schools that our students deserve, but we will now be joined by strong allies in the Governor’s office committed to rolling up their sleeves and doing the hard work with us. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this effort along the way.

Celebrate this new day.  And, if you have yet to vote to Stand Together and recertify MTI, click here.  Thank you!

Madison Teachers Inc Receives Grant from NEA Great Public Schools Fund

Madison, Wisconsin – Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI), an affiliate of Wisconsin Education Association Council and the National Education Association, will use a $615,000 three-year NEA GPS Fund Grant to create support systems for early career educators aimed at diversifying the workforce, increasing teacher retention and efficacy, and closing student achievement gaps. Click here to learn more!

Stay Current on Educator Licensure Changes

The 2017-19 Wisconsin state budget made major changes to teacher licensing in Wisconsin, and for the last several months the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has been rewriting the rules to match the new laws. WEAC’s licensure specialist has put together a Frequently Asked Questions document to address the questions union members are asking about these changes.

Consider Becoming an MTI Leader

Do you have ideas on how to improve your profession or better advocate for your students?  Consider applying your ideas, energy and efforts as an elected leader of MTI.  MTI is a democratic Union with nearly 200 teachers currently serving in an elected or appointed leadership capacity.

MTI Faculty Representative:  Serving as an MTI Faculty Representative is the most common point of entry to Union leadership.  If you are interested in serving as an MTI Faculty Rep at your work location, see your senior MTI Faculty Rep or contact MTI staff.

For those ready to take the next step in MTI leadership, positions are currently available on MTI Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Handbook/Bargaining Committee, Political Action Committee, and Cabinet on Personnel.

Nominations will be received at the September 25 meeting of the MTI Faculty Representative Council to fill MTI Board At-Large positions and Committee vacancies caused by retirement or resignations, and for terms that are expiring.  Nominations for any of the positions described in this article can be called in to MTI Headquarters (257-0491) prior to the September Council meeting, or made from the floor at the September Council meeting by an MTI Faculty Representative.  Pursuant to MTI Bylaws, the election for all referenced positions will be held at the October Council meeting.

MTI Board of Directors.  At-Large terms expire for:

  • Pete Opps
  • Jessica Hotz
  • A vacancy exists due to Michael Jones being elected Vice-President

The MTI Board of Directors manages the affairs of MTI in accordance with the policies established by the Faculty Rep Council, the Joint Fiscal Group and the Cabinet on Personnel.  The Board consists of 9 members.  Five officers are elected by the general membership and four At-Large positions are elected by the MTI Faculty Representative Council.  Meetings of the MTI Board are generally held on the second Tuesday of the month, at 4:30pm at MTI Headquarters.

Finance Committee.  One-year terms expire for:

  • Bruce Bobb (Hoyt) seeking re-election.
  • Holly Hansen (Lapham) seeking re-election.
  • A vacancy exists due to the retirement of Cindy Barbera.

The Finance Committee prepares the annual MTI Budget for consideration by the MTI Joint Fiscal Group. The MTI Finance Committee meets each year and generally completes its business in February, given that under MTI’s Bylaws the Budget is presented at the March meeting of the MTI Joint Fiscal Group and is voted upon at the April meeting.
Cabinet on Personnel.  Two-tear terms expire for:

  • Holly Hansen (Lapham) seeking re-election.
  • Cindy Ball (Jefferson) seeking re-election..

The Cabinet on Personnel oversees MTI’s employment relations with its staff. The Cabinet meets on an as-needed basis.
Political Action Committee (MTI VOTERS).  Two-year terms expire for:

  • Kathryn Burns (Shorewood) seeking re-election.
  • Sandy Welander (Schenk) seeking re-election.
  • Liz Donnelly (Elvehjem) seeking re-election.
  • Three vacancies exist due to retirements/resignation.  Nobel Perez (Muir/Crestwood) and Abby Morrison (Olson) have been nominated for two of the positions. 

MTI’s Political Action Committee usually meets once per month, and additionally as necessary to interview candidates for election in Wisconsin’s primary and general elections. The Committee recommends endorsements for consideration by MTI members.
Handbook/Bargaining Committee.  Nominations for two (2) positions on the MTI Handbook/Bargaining Committee. 

  • One vacancy exists for a student services high school representative due to a resignation. The term expires May, 2021.
  • A second vacancy exists for an elementary school representative due to a reassignment.  The term expires May, 2019.

The Handbook/Bargaining Committee researches and makes recommendations on issues to bargain/discuss and selects participants to engage in: 1) negotiations with the District over Collective Bargaining Agreements, and 2) discussions over revisions to the Employee Handbook. The Committee meets annually on an as needed basis.

If you have any questions about these vacancies or would like more information, please contact MTI President Andy Waity or MTI Executive Director Doug Keillor.