Elections – Fall 2020

Primary Election: Tuesday, August 11, 2020

General Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Plan ahead, stay safe and vote from home! The deadline to request an absentee ballot for the August 11th primary is August 6th!See a guide to your voting options here!

Senate District 16 (Seat formally held by Mark Miller): MTI-Voters has endorsed Melissa Sargent as the most qualified candidate in this race. In advancing this recommendation, the Committee highlights Ms.Sargent’s proven track record as a strong voice for public educators as she has served in the Wisconsin state Assembly and Dane County Board of Supervisors; her dedication to the labor movement and drive towards raising the minimum wage in Wisconsin; and her commitment toward advancing public education and the allocation of resources for our public schools. Additionally, Ms. Sargent is a MMSD graduate and is also a proud MMSD parent of four students.
Senate District 26 (Seat formerly held by Fred Risser): MTI-Voters has endorsed Nada Elmikashfi. In advancing this recommendation, the Committee highlights Ms. Elmikashfi’s education and working class campaign platform; her commitment to strengthening unions; and her advocacy for increasing teachers salaries. During her interview Nada stated that she would “be a fighter for public education.” Additionally, she highlighted the need to create supportive environments for new teachers and promote equitable outcomes for all students.
Assembly District 48 (Seat formerly held by Melissa Sargent): MTI-Voters has a dual-endorsement of Samba Baldeh and Lindsay Lemmer. In advancing this recommendation, the Committee highlights Mr. Baldeh’s leadership experience serving as past-President of the Madison City Council; his personal story rising out of poverty to a serve as an elected official and thoughtful community member; and his drive to address the unmet needs of so many families and individuals in our community. In advancing this recommendation, the Committee highlights Ms. Lemmer’s progressive voting record on the Madison City Council, her support for public education, and political activism work as the President of the Wisconsin NOW (National Organization for Women) chapter. We feel both are strong candidates for this race, not only demonstrating their drive but their tireless commitment to Madison residents as public servants on the Madison City Council.

Assembly District 76 (Seat formerly held by Chris Taylor): MTI-Voters committee does not have a recommendation on a candidate in the August 11 primary election.

Assembly District 78: MTI-Voters has endorsed
Lisa Subeck as the most qualified candidate in this race.
In advancing this recommendation, the Committee highlights Ms.Subeck’s background as a former early childhood educator, technical college instructor, and former City of Madison Alderperson. Subeck has seen first-hand the funding challenges from the city to the state level. In light of COVID-19, she notes, “Funding for public education has always been and will continue to be a high priority for me. I will search for common ground where it exists but will not stop fighting to do right by our public schools, teachers, and children.” 

Assembly District 80: MTI-Voters has endorsed Sondy Pope. In advancing this recommendation, the Committee highlights Ms. Pope’s role as Ranking Member on the Legislative Education Committee and her drive to improve schools, especially her focus to improve internet access for students and the community. Throughout her career, Pope has fought to keep public schools strong, our environment safe and clean, and for an economy that focuses on empowering the working class.
Candidate (Click name for candidate’s website):MTI Candidate Questionnaire:
Senate District 16 (Seat formerly held by Mark Miller)
Scott Barker (R)
Scott’s Candidate Questionnaire
Andrew McKinney (D)Andrew’s Candidate Questionnaire
Melissa Sargent (D)Melissa’s Candidate Questionnaire
Senate District 26 (Seat formerly held by Fred Risser)
Brian Benford (D)
Brian’s Candidate Questionnaire
William Davis III (D)William’s Candidate Questionnaire
Nada Elmikashfi (D)
Nada’s Candidate Questionnaire
John Imes (D)John’s Candidate Questionnaire
Amani Latimer Burris (D)Amani’s Candidate Quesionnaire
Aisha Moe (D)Aisha’s Candidate Questionnaire
Kelda Roys (D)Kelda’s Candidate Questionnaire
Assembly District 48 (seat formerly held by Melissa Sargent)
Samuel Anderson (R)
No Questionnaire available
Samba Baldeh (D)
Samba’s Candidate Questionnaire
Lindsay Lemmer (D)
Lindsay’s Candidate Questionnaire
Walter Stewart (D)Walter’s Candidate Questionnaire
Jason Vangalis (D)Jason’s Candidate Questionnaire
Assembly District 76 (Seat formerly held by Chris Taylor)

Dewey Bredeson (D)Dewey’s Candidate Questionnaire
Tyrone Cratic Williams (D)Tyrone’s Candidiate Questionnaire
Heather Driscoll (D)Heather’s Candidate Questionnaire
Francesca Hong (D)Francesca’s Candidate Questionnaire
Ali Maresh (D)Ali’s Candidate Questionnaire
Marsha Rummel (D)Marsha’s Candidate Questionnaire
Nicki Vander Meulen (D)

Assembly District 78
Lisa Subeck (D)

Assembly District 80
Sondy Pope (D)
Nicki’s Candidate Questionnaire

Lisa’s Candidate Questionnaire

Sondy’s Candidate Questionnaire

Above is a list of candidates (including their questionnaires) that MTI Voters Political Action Committee are interviewing for consideration in our endorsement process beginning with the Primary on Tuesday, August 11 and then the General Election on Tuesday, November 3.

Who is MTI-Voters?
MTI-Voters is the political action committee of MTI that seeks to identify those candidates most likely to advance policies supported by the members of MTI, policies that support MMSD staff and students, and advance the quality of public education in the District. The MTI-Voters Committee is a representative body of MTI members, comprised of the Presidents of each MTI bargaining unit, the MTI Treasurer and nine (9) others elected by MTI’s Faculty Representative Council. This member-comprised committee, guides MTI’s political endorsement process and advances recommended endorsements to the thousands of MTI members who contribute to MTI Voters and vote on endorsement recommendations.

Early voting is available at all Municipal Clerk Offices. The links below will provide the details on early voting where you live.   City of Madison Clerk’s office

Bring a proper Voting ID:  www.bringit.wi.gov

Voting Information

NOTE: A valid Voter ID is required to vote (details at the link, goes to Wisconsin GAB Website)

Voter ID Information: City of Madison

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My Vote Wisconsin – Check your registration status, find your polling location and obtain a personalized sample ballot

Registering to Vote in Madison
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