MTI Daca Organizing Update

10/25/17 Update: 

MTI’s DACA Organizing Team has been working with organizers in WEAC Region 6 (which represents educators outside Madison in southern Wisconsin) to build local political pressure for the Dream Act.  A letter composed by an MTI-represented teacher who is personally impacted by DACA will be mailed to WEAC members who reside in Paul Ryan’s district.  The intent of the letter is to share this personal testimony from a fellow educator as a means to encourage those in Ryan’s district to contact their Congressman and demand his support for this legislation. 

The MTI/Region 6 organizing team is also identifying ways of sharing some of the useful resources provided by MMSD with surrounding school districts to support students and families impacted by DACA.

Here are two things that all MTI members can do this week:

If you are working with DACA papers and want to learn about your rights to renew, here are 5 things to know and some upcoming opportunities:

  • RISE Law Center will be hosting three pro bono legal clinics for those who need to renew their DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) on the following Mondays: September 18, 25 and October 2.  The clinic is to ensure that all who are eligible for DACA renewal have access to free legal assistance and will have their applications filed in time.  To schedule an appointment for one of the clinic dates contact RISE at 608-256-1015 or

  • Centro Hispano also offers immigration information and assistance.