MTI Joint Committee on Safety – Report and Materials

The MTI-MMSD Joint Safety Committee was reconstituted during the negotiation of the 2014-15 Teacher Collective Bargaining Agreement and charged with studying issues of school safety and the implementation of the MMSD Behavior Education Plan. The Joint Committee held six (6) meetings over the course of the school year and designed, conducted and analyzed a survey of all MMSD school-based staff about the BEP. The result of that work has now been summarized in a report delivered to the Superintendent and MTI Board of Directors which includes the survey findings and the Joint Committees recommendations for policy revisions.

Final copy of the Joint Safety Report May 2015

Appendix B Materials

Elementary Proposed BEP Changes

Secondary Proposed BEP Changes

Recommended BEP policy changes by the Joint Committee. The majority of these recommended changes have been advanced by District Administration to the Board of Education for consideration.

Behavior Ed Plan Survey Export
This document provides the aggregate survey responses to each survey question.

BEP Merged Data Agree Disagree
This document provides further survey analysis breaking out survey responses by job category, level and school. 

MMSD BEP Climate Survey Raw Data
This is the survey raw data set in .xls format.  Access to this data is password protected.  MTI Members can obtain the password from your Faculty Representative, the MTI Board of Directors, the MTI Safety Committee, or by contacting the MTI Office ( / 257-0491).  You may be asked to provide your B number to verify membership.  


2015-16 Revisions to the BEP

Based on the recommendations advanced by the MTI-MMSD Joint Safety Committee, and other stakeholders, the MMSD Administration advanced BEP policy revisions and budget recommendations which were adopted by the Board of Education. A summary of the policy revisions and budget recommendations follows:

MMSD BEP Elementary Code Revisions June, 2015

MMSD BEP Secondary Code Revisions June, 2015

MMSD BEP Budget Recommendations June, 2015