MTI Solidarity – Thank You


 Thank you for your kindness to MTI, its members, and numerous others during recent demonstrations in protest of Governor Walker’s destruction of the rights of public workers.  Our morale has been lifted and our task lightened by your thoughtfulness and generosity.   Did we forget anyone?  Please let us know.


In-Kind Contributors:

Anonymous (cases of fruit from Arizona)

Denise Aulik, MTI member (cake and brownies)

Lou and Peter Berryman (MTI Solidarity Fund benefit concert)

Dustin Beilke, WEAC (MTI Staff support)

Sara Bringman, MTI retiree (MTI Staff support, MTI retiree volunteer organizer)

Buckley Distribution Co. (palette of orange juice)

Building and Construction Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin (brat stand for protesters)

Brian Dunleavy, MTI member (loan of his truck)

Eric Franco, MTI member (MTI HQ incoming phone support)

Gail from New Jersey (Omaha Steaks and Seafood)

Ground Zero Coffee and Cargo Coffee (coffee to protesters!)

Huegel Elementary School staff (Edible Arrangement)

Ian’s Pizza (pizza for protesters!)

Kingston Teacher’s Federation, Kingston, NY (hundreds of paper hearts with heartening messages)

Jeff Knight (Edible Arrangement and megaphone)

Nancy Lendborg, MTI member (her brownies)

MTI Board Members (MTI Staff thank you lunch)

Jace Nichols (MTI Staff support)

Northeast Wisconsin Building & Construction Trades Council (brat stand for protesters)

Mary Polancih, MTI retiree (MTI HQ incoming phone support)

Karlton Porter, MTI member (MTI HQ incoming phone support)

Racine Education Association (authentic Racine kringles!)

Barbara Rogers, MTI member (spaghetti luncheon)


MTI Solidarity Fund Contributors:


Carolyn Anderson (Madison, WI; MTI retiree)

Kevin Attaway (Cottage Grove, WI; MTI member)

Mare Batchelor (Madison, WI; MTI retiree)

John Bell (Madison, WI; MTI retiree)

Jayne & Jack Bellamy (Kingston, NY)

Dick & Vicky Bernards (Waunakee, WI; MTI employee)

Lou & Peter Berryman (Madison, WI; benefit concert)

Corlie Blumenfeld (Madison, WI; MTI retiree)

Dan Burritt (Eureka, CA; retired teacher)

Sharon Bushnell (Chapel Hill, NC)

James & Sara Clark (Waunakee, WI; MTI retiree)

Vicki & John Cocalis (Madison, WI; in appreciation; MTI members)

Allen & Toby Cohen (Orange, CA)

Jeanette Daane (Tempe, AZ; union father & grandfather)

Gillian Dale (Ventura, CA; Berryman fan/retired professor from Appleton)

Bonnie Dykman (Monona, WI; MTI retiree)

Peggy Ellerkamp (Madison, WI; MTI member)

Marian Fredal (Madison, WI)

Daryl & Irving Freedman (Chapel Hill, NC)

Frances Gearhard (Klamath Falls, OR; thank our Democratic Senators)

Jennifer & Peter Gray (Madison, WI; on behalf of WEAC EE Louise Uphoff)

Matt Gray (Middleton, WI; MTI member)

Kate Grinde (Bellingham, WA; on behalf of MTI member Pat DiBiase)

Eitan & Karyn Grunwald (Roosevelt, NJ)

Renee Hoxie (Madison, WI; MTI member)

Lea Jacobs (Madison, WI)

Mark & Barbara Jung (McFarland, WI; MTI retiree)

John Kessler & Mara Zimmerman (McFarland, WI)

Corey King (DeForest, WI; Waunakee Teacher Assn)

Kingston Teacher’s Federation (Kingston, NY)

Lorna Kniaz (Madison, WI)

Jeff Knight (Monona, WI; former MTI Union Representative)

Nick Lavrov (Oakland, CA; lifetime AFT member)

Pat Maguire (Gallup, NM; in honor of Madison Teacher/Researcher- Mary Kiel)

Sharon Maser (Petaluma, CA; MTI retiree)

Marcella & Matthew Meyers (Madison, WI)

Carol Nelson (Madison, WI; tax refund from non-member)

Lora Palloni (Madison, WI; MTI retiree)

Park River Independent Democrats (New York, NY)

Mary Peranteau (Madison, WI)

Gail & Dennis Philippart (Carmichael, CA; retired teacher & RN)

Florence Provencher (Frankfort, IL; retired IL teacher)

Charles & Georgeana Reed (Klamath Falls, OR)

Jay Reimers (Houston, TX; willing MTI well from Texas)

Helen Remington (Waunakee, WI)

Jolante Richards (Monona, WI; MTI retiree)

Jenny Saffran & Seth Pollak (Madison, WI; Franklin-Randall parents)

James Schultz (Scappoose, OR)

Elizabeth Shirah (Madison, WI; MTI retiree)

Rose & Jim Sime (Middleton, WI; MTI retirees)

Sue Simon (Madison, WI; MTI member)

Rose & Wallace Simpson (Scottsdale, AZ; retired teacher/college professor)

Karen Smith (Madison, WI)

Southern Door Educ. Assn. (Brussels, WI)

Kendyll Stansbury (Redwood City, CA; Berryman fan/lifelong educator)

Mae Rosalind Stark & Fred Greitzer (Eddyville, NY)

Cindy Thompson (Eagle River, WI; retired IL teacher)

Marcia Topel (Madison, WI; MTI retire)

Lesli Vazquez (Madison, WI; MTI member)

Liz & Russ Whitesel (Madison, WI; MTI retiree)

Jan Willer & Mark Osing (Chicago, IL)

Elyse Zukerman (Chicago, IL; to help Ed Assts who lost 4 days to walkout/children in Romania)