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MTI Office Contact Information:


33 Nob Hill Road
Madison, WI 53713
(Parking Lot Available)

Phone:   (608) 257-0491
Fax: (608 257-0491

MTI Staff

Doug Keillor
Executive Director

Eve Degen
Executive Assistant for Labor Relations

Jeff Knight
Executive Assistant for Labor Relations

Peg Coyne
Teacher Professional Staff Representative

Andy Waity
MTI President

Kerry Motoviloff
Project Lead MTI-CENTRS

Yvonne Knoche
Office Manager

Vicky Bernards, Executive Assistant to Doug Keillor

Linda Doeseckle, Administrative Asst. for Eve Degen, Jeff Knight and Peg Coyne

Jen Nichols, Membership Coordinator

Jeanie Kamholtz, Receptionist and Mailing Coordinator