Political Action Rebate

MTI promotes its members’ interests via a number of means. Because many important decisions impacting public education and public sector employment are made by elected officials, MTI members created MTI VOTERS, a political action committee, to provide a collective means to have a voice in these important decisions.

Funding for public education, the Wisconsin Retirement System, educational mandates and other laws impacting education and service as a public employee are promulgated by the Madison School Board, Governor, Legislature, State Superintendent, Wisconsin Supreme Court and other elected officials.

To fund the Union’s political action, the MTI Joint Fiscal Group, consisting of proportionate representation of each MTI bargaining unit, approved the funding of MTI VOTERS with an additive to dues of 5%.

Members may request a refund of that portion of their payment designated for political action by contacting MTI in writing between September 1 and October 1, or within 60 days of joining. Authorization of withdrawals for MTI VOTERS is voluntary; is not required as a condition of membership. In accordance with federal law, MTI VOTERS will accept contributions only from members of MTI and their families. Contributions or gifts to MTI VOTERS are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. MTI VOTERS uses the money for political purposes, as determined by MTI’s elected Political Action Committee.