Recertification 2019

Important: The Recertification Election will be held Nov 6 – 26, 2019

If you know what to do, VOTE ONLINE NOW!

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Voting Instructions:

  • Call (toll-free) 1-866-458-9862 or log-on to
  • One may vote anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, beginning at 12:00 Noon on November 6 and ending at 12:00 Noon on November 26.
  • When prompted, enter the first four letters of your last name.
  • When prompted, enter the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • When prompted, VOTE YES for MTI to continue as your Union representative.
  • When prompted, CONFIRM YOUR VOTE. Do not hang up or log-off, until you hear or see a message thanking you or acknowledging your vote.
  • If you experience a problem with the automated voting system, technical voting assistance is also available through the WERC at 1-800-529-5218 (Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).
  • If you have questions about the election process, go to the “Annual Recertification Elections” page on the WERC website. 
  • If you continue to have problems voting in the recertification election after contacting WERC, contact MTI at (608) 257-0491

Additional Information:

  • Your vote is secret.
  • The telephonic and on-line system is open 24 hours a day during the voting window.
  • All employees in a bargaining unit are eligible to vote, not just those who are members of the Union.
  • Act 10 mandates that the Union needs to receive “YES” votes from 51% of all eligible voters to win. Not voting counts the same as a “no” vote. Stand together with your colleagues, vote YES for MTI re-certification.

Click for voting instructions with a link to the voting site

All three bargaining units (MTI, ESEA-MTI & USO-MTI) vote separately to re-certify.  Please help spread awareness among substitute teachers, educational assistants, clerical workers, security assistants and off-campus staff you work with as these individuals may not have heard about the importance of their involvement.

  • 51% of all eligible voters must vote YES!  Not voting is counted as a NO vote.
  • Who is eligible to vote? 
    • Any MMSD employee who is working in an MTI represented position.
    • Both Members AND Non-Members are eligible voters.

MTI is seeking Member Organizers from each bargaining unit to help track voting withing each school or bargaining unit. 

Please contact your faculty representative or MTI if you can help.

Resources for the Work Site:

Recertification Q&A

Does each MTI bargaining unit have a separate election?

Yes. All three (3) MTI bargaining units will have separate recertification elections during the above-referenced period.  Each bargaining unit must achieve 51% of all eligible votes in the unit in order for that bargaining unit to retain MTI certification.

Can non-members vote in the recertification election?

Yes. All MTI-represented employees are eligible to vote in the election regardless of whether they are union members or non-members. Voting to recertify does not mean that one is voting to join the Union.  Voting “YES” by non-members means that they support the rights of their co-workers who choose to be Union members. Members should encourage non-members to vote “YES”.

Can employees on leave of absence vote in the recertification election?

Yes. Employees on leave of absence continue to be represented by MTI and should vote in the recertification election.  They continue to be members of the bargaining unit while on leave. MTI will send a mailing to the home address of all employees known to be on leave of absence advising them of the election and how they can vote. If you are in contact with employees on leave of absence, please reach out to them to make sure they are aware of this.

How do employees who are in two or more bargaining units vote (e.g. teacher unit and substitute teacher unit)?

Over a hundred employees are currently represented in more than one of MTI’s bargaining units.  For example, a part-time teacher would be represented by MTI’s “Teacher” unit, but may also work some as a substitute teacher, in which case they would be represented by MTI’s “Substitute Teacher” unit. These individuals should cast two ballots- one for each bargaining unit in which they are represented. This will require two separate phone or computer ballots.

For the first bargaining unit they should follow the same procedure as everyone else (“first four letters of last name”, “last four digits of social security number”, etc.).  For the second bargaining unit they should follow the same procedure, except instead of entering the “last four digits of their social security number” they would enter a special four-digit number mailed to them by the WERC. If the employee has not received this special number they should contact technical voting assistance at 1-800-529-5218 (Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

How do employees vote if their last name contains fewer than four letters?

They simply enter their last name as it is (e.g. “Ou”).

Will the Union receive a report during the election period with voting updates?

At the mid-point of the election, the WERC will advise MTI how many total ballots have been cast in each recertification election. They will not advise how many “yes” or “no” ballots have been cast, only whether a vote has been cast. MTI won a public information lawsuit against the WERC which should result in MTI receiving the names of those who voted during the election period. However, we are not confident that such will occur in a timely manner and therefore need to proceed with our GOTV campaign.  

Why is MTI asking employees to confirm their vote (e.g. return palm cards) after they vote?

MTI is requesting that all represented employees either 1) complete their palm card (name, school, vote confirmation) and return the completed card to their MTI Faculty Representative or Member Organizer or 2) inform their Faculty Rep that they have voted. The Faculty Rep/Member Organizer will then notify MTI staff, on a weekly basis, of those individuals at their work location who have already voted. This will remove those employees from future contact lists and enable MTI to focus our get-out-the-vote activities on those employees yet to confirm their vote.

How are represented employees receiving information about the recertification elections?

MTI has worked hard to make sure that all represented employees have been informed about the recertification election via Solidarity articles, flyers, palm cards, e-mails, home mailings and  facebook messages. As the election begins, we will use robo-calls, more e-mail blasts and phone banks to reach out to individual voters. However, the degree of our success will largely be related to the work of the MTI Member Organizers at each work location to build awareness and engage their co-workers. We expect that turnout will vary significantly by work location as a result of the organizing activities employed by the Member Organizers on site. Schools with active, inclusive Organizer activity will have greater recertification voter turnout than schools with little Organizer activity.