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Why do we need a membership campaign?

When the Collective Bargaining Agreements expire on June 30, 2016, additional Act 10 prohibitions will apply to MTI including the elimination of fair-share payments and the payroll deduction of Union dues. These changes will impact MTI once the 2016-17 school year commences. To prepare for these changes, MTI will be engaging in a membership renewal campaign this spring to transition from “payroll deduction” of Union dues to “direct dues” payment (e.g. payment via bank draft/electronic funds transfer).

Everyone who wants to continue MTI Membership must enroll and select a preferred method of payment for direct dues.  Previous memberships are not transferable to this process.  

More information on the membership campaign is available in this list of Frequently Asked Questions. 

We expect to continue adding information as additional questions arise.  Please let us know of any concerns or questions you may have that are not covered in the FAQ by contacting MTI directly via e-mail ( or phone (257-0491). 

How will I pay my MTI dues?

Up until now, MTI members have paid dues via payroll deduction (i.e., the District automatically deducted the dues amount from the employee’s paycheck). After June 30, the District can no longer deduct MTI dues from employee paychecks. Once payroll deduction stops, MTI members will need to pay “direct dues” to MTI.

  • Bank draft (recommended): The simplest and most efficient way for a member to pay direct dues will be to schedule monthly dues payments from their personal checking or savings account directly to MTI’s account. This process is referred to as a “bank draft” (also known as EFT or ACH) and is an increasingly common form of payment for many regular monthly expenses.
  • Other payment options: MTI strongly recommends the bank draft option described above because it is the most efficient and cost-effective method of payment. Other methods of payment are less efficient and include additional expenses associated with bookkeeping costs, administrative overhead, and/or transaction fees.
  • Credit card: MTI members who wish to pay monthly dues via credit card can arrange that via the on-line membership form.  While this is not a preferred method because of transaction fees and the frequent changes of numbers and expiration dates, it is available as an option.  
  • To enroll using bank draft or credit card, click the icon / link below:



The secure registration site will ask you to verify your bargaining unit and the amount you work.  This information is required to determine the appropriate dues amount.




Direct Dues by any other method:

  • Check: 
    MTI members who wish to pay dues via personal check should contact MTI at 257-0491 to request membership form and invoice. The dues amount information will be provided to you on the invoice,
    and the amount will depend on your bargaining unit and contract percentage/hours of work.

More information on the membership campaign is available in this list of Frequently Asked Questions!