Surplus and Layoff Info.

Surplus Process Begins for Teachers and EAs

The timelines for teacher and educational assistant surplus determinations have been moved up this year by the District’s Human Resources department and many teachers and EAs received notices of surplus recently. While surplus notices can be issued up to July 1 for teachers and up to June 1 for EAs, principals are currently working with budgeted allocations to determine whether there will need to be surpluses at their schools.

A surplus occurs within a school when there are more teachers or other educational support staff than there are allocated positions available at the school within the same bargaining unit or certification area. A surplus notice indicates that a staff member’s position at the school is no longer available, but that there will be a position available elsewhere in the District within the same bargaining unit or certification area. The District intends to refer surplus staff for reassignment in late March and early April.

A surplus is not the same as a layoff; with a layoff, there is a determination that there is not a position available anywhere in the District. The District has not indicated a need for any layoffs, in any bargaining unit, thus far and intends to make those decisions (if needed) between late March and mid-April. Being declared surplus can be a stressful situation for many employees and MTI staff are available to assist MTI members with any questions and concerns during the surplus/reassignment process. Stay tuned for further surplus information and updates in the Solidarity! newsletter and on the MTI website.

2020 MMSD Timeline on Surplus:

February 14: Budgeted allocations sent to schools
February 20 – February 28: Surplus decisions sent to Human Resources
February 20 – February 28: Surplus notices issued to affected staff in buildings
February 24 – February 28: Surplus notices sent to Central Office staff
March 16 – March 27: Referral of surplus staff to principals for reassignment
April 3: Projected first vacancy posting, teacher unit (mega-post)
April 15-24: Layoff / non-renewal notices delivered to affected staff
May 15: Last date for layoff / non-renewal notices per Employee Handbook
June 15: Signed contracts deadline
July 1: Surplus deadline
June 28: Vacancies created after this date not posted through first four (4) weeks of school