Recertification Elections Scheduled for November 4-24!

Under Act 10, public sector unions, except police and fire, are required to engage in annual recertification elections to retain their status as the “exclusive certified representative of the employees” who elected the union to represent them. Unlike political elections in which the candidate with the most votes wins, Act 10 further requires that to win recertification, the union must win 51% of all eligible voters. Those who do not vote are counted as a “NO” vote against recertification. Therefore, it is critical that all eligible employees (both member AND non-members) cast a “YES” ballot. MTI has undergone such elections in each of the past five school years and has been recertified by District employees overwhelmingly on each occasion. Check the sidebar for more information about how to vote for recertification between November 4 – 24 this year.

Why is Recertification important?

The recertification election will determine whether MTI continues to be the legally recognized “certified representative” for District employees in MTI’s three (3) bargaining units (Teacher, Educational Support Employees Association, and United Substitutes). This status allows MTI to bargain base-wage increases and to represent MTI members on employment matters. Just as important, when one votes to recertify MTI, that individual is also voting to “STAND TOGETHER” to support her/his/their students, their profession, quality public education, and her/his/their colleagues. A VOTE UNION YES sends a message to the Board of Education and policymakers that employee groups stand together on important issues that affect their students, profession, and public schools. STANDING TOGETHER gives us a STRONGER VOICE than we have as individual employees.

How can you help?

MTI is seeking Member Organizers who want to engage and inform their co-workers of the importance and need to VOTE UNION YES to recertify. It is these individuals who produced our success in past elections. Please contact MTI at if you are willing to serve as a Member Organizer.

Voting takes place November 4-24, 2020!
MMSD employees (both union members and non-members) are eligible to vote.
You will have the option to vote online or via phone.
Watch here for further instruction details coming soon!