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Educational Support Employees Association

ESEA-MTI represents approximately 875 Educational Assistants, Special Education Assistants, Nurse Assistants, SEA Substitutes, Clerical Employees, Computer & AV Technicians and Programmers, Family Liaisons and Security Assistants employed by the Madison Metropolitan School District.

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Name Office Term Expiration Work Location Work Phone Home Phone
Judy Ferwerda President May 2020 Memorial 663-6106 608-829-1449
Anne Hernandez Vice President May 2020 Hawthorne 204-2532 608-249-1324
Nancee Killoran Secretary May 2020 Hawthorne 204-2549 608-577-8422
Michelle Erschen At-Large May 2020 Veterans Hospital 256-1901 608-271-0540
Marilyn Fruth At-Large May 2020 Leopold 204-4247 608-238-2948
Diane Wadzinski At-Large May 2020 Chavez 442-2000 608-848-7159

Education Assistant Salary Schedule 2019-20

Supportive Educational Employee Salary Schedule 2019-20

School Security Assistant Salary Schedule 2019-20

ESEA-MTI Faculty Rep List November 2019


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