Justified Anger Scholarships Now Available!

Put together a site cohort today or participate in a cross-site cohort starting February 26th!

MTI has secured funding from the NEA to sponsor members through the life-changing “Justified Anger: Black History for A New Day” course this spring! Discover and disrupt your current understanding of OUR history and become informed, empowered, and inspired to dismantle systemic racism in yourselves, your classrooms, curriculum, and throughout the school system. If you know anyone who has gone through this course, you know the impact it can have and we are overjoyed to be able to offer it again this spring.

Scholarships are available for *members only*, however, you are free to invite other MMSD participants who can pay their own way. Options for participation include:

Participate in a virtual, cross-site MMSD cohort that will begin on February 26th
Participate in a virtual, site-based or role-alike cohort that will determine their own weekly schedule
Organize and facilitate a site-based or role-alike cohort that will determine their own weekly schedule

This course consists of 9 sessions, beginning with recorded lectures followed by a facilitated, small group discussion. Participants may receive PAC credit for participation.

This is an *interest* gauging only form - participants are not guaranteed scholarship or participation until email confirmation is received.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/mP1tz6uugraKVuGm8

Justified Anger Interest Form

Healthy School Meals for All Benefits Our Community!

Advocate for families to opt in 1-2 days a week and lobby your representatives

MTI believes that NO child should go hungry! Child hunger impacts academic performance, behavior, cognitive and physical development, social well-being and our workplace environment. Free school meals benefits our local economy, Wisconsin agriculture/farming, and facilitates a healthier Madison community.

When families opt into our school meal programs more funds are available to make our lunches better. Encourage families to opt in 1-2 days a week at minimum and contact your local representatives to let them know that you are in support of healthy school meals for all Wisconsin children!


  • At MTI, we recognize our pivotal role as a support for our members as employees, as well as professionals. The project offers ongoing support for members and attempts to increase teacher retention by addressing teacher satisfaction, efficacy, and success. MTI Education Justice Center ( formerly MTI CENTRS) is funded through an NEA grant funding.


  • Developing teacher-centered induction programs – MTI Education Justice Center offers a series of professional development opportunities to strengthen teachers’ abilities to deliver instruction through a racially equitable lens.
  • In 2022-23 SY MTI  will continue to support MTI Education Justice Center Black Lives Matter Year of Action  by providing socially and racially just lesson planning resources centering on the13 principles of the Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • Also in 2022-23 SY,  through an MMSD Big Idea Grant, will collaborate with our community partners at Nehemiah to support fall and winter cohort participation in the Justified Anger: Black History for a New Day Course.
  • In  winter of 2023 MTI has initiated a community outreach effort to build  and participate in a community-based Education Justice Coalition
“Being part of this series has impacted my instruction in an amazing way. I have deeper relationships with students and families. My classroom is more inclusive and I have the same high standards for all kids. Students are sharing more. Learning is increasing and school is more fun for me and my students. It is a ton of work. And I am validated with every positive parent message, student hug, thank you note, and when they cheer as they achieve a new academic hurdle. I am making a difference with myself and a lot of people who have felt less acknowledged in other environments.”

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