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Native American and Alaska Heritage Month

During November, we celebrate the history, culture, and contributions of Native Peoples. The NEA has compiled a number of lesson plans, printables, and recommended books to help support your celebrations. Let us know what you’re doing at your site! Find resources and more HERE.

Transgender Day of Remembrance – November 20th 

The Transgender Day of Remembrance or International Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day that is held annually on the 20th November to memorialise those individuals who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. It also aims to draw attention to the violence that is carried out towards many in the transgender community. NEA resources on how to support your transgender students in the classroom can be found HERE. Let us know what your school is doing to commemorate and we can feature your work! 


 LPI Teacher Turn Over: Why it Matters and What We Can Do About It, 2017.
“Being part of this series has impacted my instruction in an amazing way. I have deeper relationships with students and families. My classroom is more inclusive and I have the same high standards for all kids. Students are sharing more. Learning is increasing and school is more fun for me and my students. It is a ton of work. And I am validated with every positive parent message, student hug, thank you note, and when they cheer as they achieve a new academic hurdle. I am making a difference with myself and a lot of people who have felt less acknowledged in other environments.”


  • At MTI, we recognize our pivotal role as a support for our members as employees, as well as professionals. The project offers ongoing support for members and attempts to increase teacher retention by addressing teacher satisfaction, efficacy, and success. MTI Education Justice Center ( formerly MTI CENTRS) is funded through an NEA grant funding.


  • Developing teacher-centered induction programs – MTI Education Justice Center offers a series of professional development opportunities to strengthen teachers’ abilities to deliver instruction through a racially equitable lens.
  • In 2022-23 SY MTI  will continue to support MTI Education Justice Center Black Lives Matter Year of Action  by providing socially and racially just lesson planning resources centering on the13 principles of the Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • Also in 2022-23 SY,  through an MMSD Big Idea Grant, will collaborate with our community partners at Nehemiah to support fall and winter cohort participation in the Justified Anger: Black History for a New Day Course.
  • In  winter of 2023 MTI has initiated a community outreach effort to build  and participate in a community-based Education Justice Coalition

The “What’s Next?” Cohort 

Continuing the work of Justified Anger Black History for a New Day

After completing the Justified Anger BHFND series, many participants were left asking the question, “What’s next?” This year, we will be gathering a new cohort of participants who have completed the initial JA series to continue the work within our district, our union, and our schools. The cohort will focus on 1) creating a lens to examine and analyze current curriculum, 2) creating new anti-racist curriculum for our students, 3) creating professional development to support at our sites, and 4) supporting each other through further individual anti-racist learning and unpacking. Our first meeting will be November 16th. If you are interested in participating, please contact us or fill out this form: https://forms.gle/yKih6BAVAAgVPXk8A 


Welcoming The new MTI Education Justice Center Coordinator – Natasha Sullivan

Natasha comes from La Follette High School where she currently works as an English teacher. Her activism began at UW Madison where she secured her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and continued throughout her career with her students in the classroom. A devoted advocate for our public schools, Natasha brings an intersectional lens to the work and strives to continually support fellow educators in their own personal journeys towards education equity and justice.


Become an Ambassador for Equity!

Join other educators across the state and join the movement! 

Interested in more equity work in our schools? Become an Ambassador for Equity and join other Wisconsin educators at the next in-person workshop, October 14-16 in Stevens Point. There are virtual workshops throughout the year and you can work with educators across the state to advance racial and social justice work in public schools. More information here:

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Solidarity for Social and Racial Justice Google Classroom

Black Lives Matter at School

Social and Racial Justice Planning Resources

Join the Classroom


Social and Racial Justice Resources for Each Month

Each month we have curated resources from across the nation to support educators as they plan to build socially just and equitable classrooms.


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