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Membership Q&A

How do I join MTI?

Complete the online membership form and elect a method of dues payment. We encourage you to pay dues via the “bank draft” option in which your monthly dues will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account.

When should I join MTI?

New hires are encouraged to join within thirty (30) days of employment in order to activate their membership for the current school year.

How will I pay my MTI dues?

Members have a number of options for the payment of dues.

  • EFT/Bank draft (recommended): The simplest and most cost-effective way for a member to pay dues will be to schedule monthly dues payments from their personal checking or savings account directly to MTI’s account. Access the online membership form and arrange for bank draft payments.
  • Other payment options: We strongly recommend the bank draft option described above because it is the most efficient and cost-effective method of payment. Other methods of payment are less efficient and can include additional expenses associated with transaction fees. Over $20,000 of MTI membership dues money was transferred to credit card companies last year to pay transaction fees.
  • Credit card: Members who wish to pay monthly dues via credit card can arrange that via the online membership form.  This option is not recommended due to transaction fees.
  • Check: Members who wish to pay dues via personal check should contact the Union office at 608-257-0491 to request a membership form and invoice. The dues amount information will be provided to you on the invoice, and the amount will depend on your bargaining unit and contract percentage/hours of work.
How much are my dues?

The work of MTI is funded by “dues” paid by MTI members. MTI dues amounts vary by bargaining group and contract percentage/hours of work. The sign‐up website will identify the exact dues you will pay based on your bargaining group and contract percentage/hours of work. MTI dues amounts are determined annually to fund the MTI budget established by the MTI Finance Committee and approved by the Joint Fiscal Group, both of which are comprised of elected leaders from all MTI bargaining units. For teachers, the dues amount  will also include membership dues for the state and national associations MTI is affiliated with, the Wisconsin Educational Association Council (WEAC) and the National Education Association (NEA).

When will the dues payment come out of my account?

Direct dues payments will come out of your account on a monthly schedule. The membership sign‐up website will identify the schedule for your bargaining group.

What happens if I decide to join MTI at a later date?

MTI strongly encourages new hires to join MTI within 30 days of employment. Those employees who join after 30 days will receive MTI representation and services from the date of sign‐up forward
(i.e., they will receive no MTI representation or services on any issue or matter, other than base wages, that originated prior to the date of sign‐up). Like automobile insurance, you cannot sign-up for coverage AFTER an accident and have that accident covered.

Am I obligated to make Political Action Contributions?

No, this is voluntary. Many important decisions impacting public education and public sector employment are made by elected officials. Funding for public education, the Wisconsin Retirement System, educational mandates and other laws impacting education and service as a public employee are promulgated by the Madison School Board, Governor, Legislature, State Superintendent, Wisconsin Supreme Court and other elected officials. MTI members created MTI Voters, a political action committee, to provide a collective means to have a voice in these important decisions.

The MTI Voters Committee consists of the elected President of each MTI bargaining group, the MTI Treasurer and nine MTI members elected by the United Representatives Council. The Union’s political action is funded with an additive to dues of 5%.

Members may request a refund of that portion of their payment designated for political action by contacting MTI in writing between September 1 and October 1, or within 60 days of joining. Authorization of withdrawals for MTI Voters is voluntary and is not required as a condition of membership.

In accordance with federal law, MTI Voters will accept contributions only from members of MTI and their families. Contributions or gifts to MTI Voters are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. MTI Voters uses the funds for political purposes, as determined by MTI’s elected Political Action Committee.

How do I cancel my membership?

Membership may be cancelled at any time by providing written notification to MTI at or by letter to MTI at 33 Nob Hill Road, Madison, WI 53713. Your membership and corresponding dues obligation will terminate within seven (7) days of MTI’s receipt of your written membership cancellation.

Note that once membership is cancelled with MTI, memberships with WEAC and NEA will end along with any membership rights and benefits. Any WEA benefits you may have taken advantage of may also be affected.

Membership Sign-up Instructions

  1. Complete the membership application form
  2. Enter your name, address, and contact information
  3. Select your Bargaining Group and Employment Level
  4. Select either “Bank Draft” or “Credit Card” payment options (bank draft preferred)
  5. For bank draft: Enter routing number, account number, name of bank, city and state
  6. For credit card: Enter account number, expiration date and security code
  7. Submit application

If you prefer to pay by check in one or two installments, please call MTI at 608-257-0491.

New employees should join by September 15 to activate your union membership.