Madison Teachers Inc. is a member led organization which advocates for its members and students in order to advance quality public education for all students. When you join your colleagues as an MTI member, you are making a decision to stand together in solidarity on important issues that impact your profession, our schools, and our students. Together we are stronger. Collectively we decide. United we act. Becoming a member is easy. Click the Join icon to start the process.

MTI Membership

Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI) is a member driven union consisting of Teachers, Educational Professionals and Para Professionals, School Security Assistants, Educational Assistants,  Substitute Teachers, Supportive Educational Employees (Clerical and Technical) and off-campus program teachers who are employed by the Madison Metropolitan School District. As the certified bargaining agent for substitutes, Educational Support Staff and teachers, MTI negotiates base wage increases for staff in the District.

As an MTI member you have:

  • Access to MTI staff who serve as employee advocates and who can answer questions and provide assistance on Handbook or employment issues. We help ensure proper pay, due process, and your legal rights.
  • A continued voice for your profession, your students and public education.
  • MTI provides you with a voice in the workplace, with the School Board, and at the state Capitol.
  • Representation in any disciplinary proceedings, including allegations of wrongdoing.  When you join your colleagues as an MTI member, you have the right to MTI representation in any meeting with management that could lead to potential discipline. MTI members are also entitled to MTI representation in any grievance over violation of the terms of the Employee Handbook. MTI members receive paid legal counsel when necessary for the enforcement of various employment rights such as Workers’ Compensation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • A continued voice in your pay, benefits and working conditions. When you join your colleagues as an MTI member, you build capacity for continued advocacy for good pay, benefits, and working conditions.
  • An advocate for training and inclusion in professional development opportunities.
  • Professional support. When you join your colleagues as an MTI member, you receive professional support and assistance from highly trained MTI staff members on issues related to license renewal, maternity/paternity leave, retirement planning, school safety, disability benefits, and many other issues.
  • An investment in your financial well-being.  When you join your colleagues as an MTI member, you invest in your financial well-being. The financial benefits you receive via the advocacy of MTI in base wage bargaining, in the Employee Handbook process, and in the political arena far exceeds the cost you pay in union dues. Just one month of employer-paid health insurance premiums exceeds the dues you pay MTI for the entire year. A teacher retiring with TERP benefits receives more economic value from this one benefit
    alone than they have paid in union dues over their entire career. A salary schedule with guaranteed “step” increases and additive pay for advanced degrees; paid sick leave and bereavement leave; paid dental, disability, and life insurance; all provide significant financial benefits from continued MTI advocacy.
  • Membership meetings to connect with colleagues and address union leadership.

Becoming a member is easy. Just click the Join Button below!

We hope that you will join us. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our Union or becoming a member.