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Who We Are 
Madison Teachers Inc.-Retired is a member-driven Union consisting of retired staff members of the Madison Metropolitan School District.  We are dedicated to supporting and defending public education and our Union, as well as providing a sense of dignity and respect for all district employees, past and present.


MTI-Retired Informational Brochure

MTI-Retired Constitution & Bylaws

The purposes of this organization include:

      • Advocating for equality and social, political, and economic justice for all.
      • Educating the greater community about the accomplishment of MTI, MTI Members, and Madison Schools (its graduates and its progressive/innovative programs and achievements).
      • Attracting new Union Members and assisting the Union in providing professional support to them.
      • Working with active MTI Union Members to promote social, professional, intellectual, and economic growth opportunities for school personnel, past and present, within the local community, district, and state.
      • Collaborating and dialoguing with teacher retirees and public education advocacy groups in the area and around the state to strengthen, respect, and support public education, the teaching profession, and teacher unions.
      • Encouraging members to register and vote, to exercise and perform their rightful part in the political life of local, state and national communities.

MTI-Retired Board of Directors

Bert Zipperer


Bonnie Augusta

Vice President

Fred Rosevear


Donna Fogell


Sara Bringman


George Swamp


Patrick Mooney


William Kolb


Steve Somerson


Susan Cohen