Who is mti-voters?

MTI-Voters is the political action committee of MTI that seeks to identify those candidates most likely to advance policies supported by the members of MTI, policies that support MMSD staff and students, and advance the quality of public education within the District.
The MTI-Voters Committee is a representative body of MTI members, comprised of the Presidents of each MTI bargaining group, the MTI Treasurer and nine (9) others elected by MTI’s United Representatives Council. This member-comprised committee, guides MTI’s political endorsement process and advances recommended endorsements to the thousands of MTI members who contribute to MTI Voters and vote on endorsement recommendations.

The MTI-Voters Committee advises voting against the two proposed Wisconsin Constitutional Amendments on the April 2 ballot.

Elections need to be fully funded. The proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot puts our elections at risk.

Vote No on question 1 to ensure our clerks have the support and money they need to keep our elections running smoothly and securely. Elections are a lot of work. Clerks rely on a whole host of outside experts, volunteers, and community members to make sure our elections are run smoothly and the results are accurate.

Vote No to question 2 to ensure our clerks have the support they need to run our elections and voters have the support they need to make informed decisions for our state. This change does not belong in our constitution. If the legislature wants to make this change, they should work with the governor to do so in a way that ensures our clerks are able to get the support they need to run our elections.

South Central Federation of Labor Endorsements

Visit the South Central Federation of Labor's website for additional candidate recommendations and endorsements.


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In-Person Absentee Voting Hours and Locations

City of Madison

In-person absentee voting begins two weeks before Election Day. It ends the Sunday before each election. State law prohibits voter registration the Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before each election.

Madison Clerk

Obtain a Voter ID

You must present Photo ID to prove who you are in order for your vote to be counted. The address on your ID does not matter for the purpose of proving your identity.

If you need an ID to vote, you can get one for free.

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