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MTI (Teachers)

Teachers and Professional Staff

The MTI “Teacher” Bargaining Unit represents approximately 2,700 members including the following job classifications:

School Counselors

Social Workers


Speech and Language Clinicians

School Nurses

Science Materials Specialists

Occupational Therapists

Interpreters / Braillists

Therapy Assistants

Special Needs Nurse

Other Related Professionals

Bilingual Resource Specialists




MTI Board of Directors

Faculty Representative Council (volunteer teacher unit colleagues who are union representatives at your work location)


MTI/MMSD Teacher Collective Bargaining Agreement 2015-16

Teacher Surplus and Reassignment Process

Extended Employment Rates for Summer School and Non-Pupil Contact Work

Licensing and Evaluation Information

MTI – MMSD Joint Committees for 2014-15

Just Cause and Due Process Information

MTI Membership Enrollment Form

School Calendar 2015-16

LaFollette HS FOUR BLOCK Memorandum of Understanding

MTI/MMSD Teacher CBA 2015-16 – Memoranda of Understanding:

Ready, Set, Goal Conferences

LEA Representative

Intermittent Absences and Sick Leave Bank Eligibility

Evening At-Risk Alternative Programs

Guidance Counselors for Evening At-Risk Alternative Programs

Teacher Emeritus Retirement Program

Leave of Absence Deadlines

Missed Transfer Deadlines

Layoff / Retirement

Personal Leave

Reduction in Contract


Board of Directors:

Name (Office)

Term Expiration

Work Location (Phone)

Home Phone

Andrew Waity (President/President Elect)

May 2016

Crestwood (204-1145)


Art Camosy (Vice President)

May 2016

Memorial (663-6379)


Liz Donnelly (Secretary)

May 2016

Elvehjem (204-1451)


Greg Vallee (Treasurer)

May 2016

Thoreau (204-6985)


Karen Vieth (At-Large)

Oct 2015

Sherman (204-2100)


Kira Fobbs (At-Large)

Oct 2015

Falk (204-2172)


Lauren Mikol (At Large)

Oct 2016

Lincoln (204-4918)


Vacant (At-Large)

Oct 2016


Addendum A – Para-Professionals

Addendum B – Therapy Assistants and Interpreters/Braillists

Addendum F- Bilingual Resource Specialists