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MTI (Teachers)

Teachers and Professional Staff

The MTI “Teacher” Bargaining Unit represents approximately 2,700 members including the following job classifications:

School Counselors Social Workers Librarians
Speech and Language Clinicians School Nurses Science Materials Specialists
Occupational Therapists Interpreters / Braillists Therapy Assistants
Special Needs Nurse Other Related Professionals Bilingual Resource Specialists
Coaches Psychologists

Board of Directors:

Name (Office) Term Expiration Work Location (Phone) Home Phone
Mike Lipp (President) May 2015 West (204-3060) 233-3943
Peggy Coyne (President Elect/Past President) May 2015 Black Hawk (204-4361) 772-6760
Art Camosy (Vice President) May 2015 Memorial (663-6379) 829-1516
Liz Donnelly (Secretary) May 2015 Elvehjem (204-1428) 230-6799
Greg Vallee (Treasurer) May 2015 Thoreau (204-6940) 215-2846
Karen Vieth (At-Large) Oct 2015 Sennett (204-1980) 886-3926
Kira Fobbs (At-Large) Oct 2015 Falk (204-2172) 698-5645
Lauren Mikol (At Large) Oct 2014 Lincoln (204-4918) 231-1270
Andrew Waity (At-Large) Oct 2014 Crestwood (204-1145) 833-0399

Faculty Representative Council (volunteer teacher unit colleagues who are union representatives at your work location)


MTI/MMSD Teacher Collective Bargaining Agreement 2013-14

- NEW Extended Employment Rates for Summer School and Non-Pupil Contact Work

MTI – MMSD Joint Committees for 2014-15

Just Cause and Due Process Information

MTI Membership Enrollment Forms

School Calendar 2014-15

School Calendar 2015-16

LaFollette HS Current Memorandum of Understanding

MTI/MMSD Teacher CBA 2013-14 – Memoranda of Understanding:

Ready, Set, Goal Conferences LEA Representative Intermittent Absences and Sick Leave Bank Eligibility
High School and Middle School Professional Collaboration; 7/8 Period Schedule High School Professional Collaboration at LaFollette High School with a Four-Block Schedule Evening At-Risk Alternative Programs
Guidance Counselors for Evening At-Risk Alternative Programs Teacher Emeritus Retirement Program Layoff / Retirement
Leave of Absence Deadlines Reduction in Contract Personal Leave
Missed Transfer Deadlines  Elementary Monday Early Release and Planning Time

Teacher Salary Schedule 2013-14

Addendum A – Para-Professionals

Addendum B – Therapy Assistants and Interpreters/Braillists

Addendum F- Bilingual Resource Specialists

MOU – Ready Set Goal (RSG) Conferences Grievance (6/10/11)