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Process updates:


Discussions around updates or changes to the Employee Handbook for the 2017-18 school year will take place, once again, over the summer months between the MMSD and MTI Joint Employee Handbook Committee. Additional information on dates and an MTI Membership Survey on the Handbook will be sent to MTI members before the end of the current school year. 

The Handbook for the upcoming 2016-17 school year is linked above.  Changes cannot be made to this handbook without further discussions of the Employee Handbook Committee. 



UPDATE 9/28/15:  On Monday, September 21 the joint Oversight Group presented the Employee Handbook recommendations to the Madison Board of Education’s Operations Work Group and discussed the one remaining “open item” (the Superintendents recommendation to consider internal and external candidates simultaneously for support unit positions which the employee representatives opposed). After hearing our presentation, the Board asked that the Oversight Group reconvene one more time to attempt to resolve that issue. On September 23, the parties reconvened to discuss the open item at length and we eventually agreed that no recommendation would be forwarded to the BOE on the external/internal matter at this time. Rather, the District will work on implementing some of the training opportunities we discussed and the parties will continue to meet over the school year in an attempt to fashion a mutually agreeable resolution prior to the Handbooks implementation date of July 1, 2016. That means the Handbook recommendation will include the phrase “to be determined” in the selection process for support staff vacancies. It will be incumbent on the parties to reach agreement on language that is mutually acceptable before July 1. The Board of Education will vote on the Employee Handbook recommendations on Monday, September 28 at 6:00 pm. 

Employee Handbook Update to MTI Members, Please Read

Relevant information from the Employee Handbook Process:

Handbook Process Memo – January 2015
This memo details the Handbook Development Process

Handbook Summary Memo prepared by District HR staff – April 2015
This Summary Memo outlines the issues to be discussed through this process. This document highlights those areas where Act 10 will require changes, those areas where the District will be seeking possible changes, as well as those areas that are recommended to be continued without change (or only editorial changes). This summary is not exhaustive or detailed but provides a brief overview.

Handbook Draft Table of Contents prepared by District HR staff- April 2015
This draft Table of Contents identifies those issues proposed to be covered by the Handbook. Note that in addition to those items currently included in the CBAs, the District also wishes to include in the Handbook certain Board policies and HR policies. Those items are identified in BOLD.  Note that this work is only beginning and no specific proposals have yet to be advanced.

Oversight Group

The employee representatives on the Oversight Group are:

Representing MMSD Employees:

Mike Lipp,
MTI Past-President
Peg Coyne,
MTI President
Andy Waity,
MTI President-elect
Erin Proctor,
EA-MTI President

Kris Schiltz,
SEE-MTI President

Doug Keillor,
MTI Assistant Director
Rob Larsen,
Dave Branson,
Building Trades Executive Director
Neil Rainford,

MMSD Administration

Jennifer Cheatham,
Deirdre Hargrove-Krieghoff,
Exec. Dir. Human Resources
Lisa Kvistad,
Assistant Supt.
Caroline Racine Gilles,
Director MTSS
Chad Wiese,
HS Principal
Tremayne Clardy,
MS Principal
Karen Kepler,
ES Principal
Heidi Tepp,
Director of Labor Relations