Schedule your free financial consultation

This is ideal if you are just getting started, have specific questions, or would like a quick check-in. It’s a convenient way to meet with someone to get general help or guidance and answer your specific questions on a wide range of financial topics such as:

• Reasons to start a 403(b) or IRA savings account and how to enroll
• Wisconsin Retirement System basics
• Retirement Savings strategies; Pre-tax vs. Roth, 403(b) vs. IRA
• Investment/Account Fees
• Budgeting
• Tips for purchasing personal insurance
Some things to bring along to your consultation include:
• Recent paycheck stub
• Recent 403(b) and/or IRA account statements
• WRS statement
• Laptop (if available)
• Other financial information you would like reviewed
Spouses/partners welcome!

Can’t make it to a consultation at the times currently available but still want to talk to someone? Sign up for a 30-minute phone consultation and speak to a Retirement and Investment Consultant. Find a time and day that’s convenient for you.