Vote YES to Recertify Your Union // News // Uncategorized // November 5th, 2021

Union Recertification Election is Underway: Nov 2 – 22

Our Union’s recertification election is off to a great start! Our goal is to reach 100% Vote YES turn-out. Are you voting by phone or online?

MMSD employees (both union members and potential members) are eligible to vote.
Vote by phone 1-866-458-9862 or online


MTI Member Organizers across the District are encouraging everyone represented by MTI to Vote YES. Both members and potential members in all three MTI bargaining groups are eligible and encouraged to vote in the recertification election. MTI continues to represent all of those in all bargaining groups on base wage issues, regardless of membership status. Once you have voted YES, please notify your MTI Building Representative, Faculty Representative, Member Organizer, or MTI Headquarters, and we will remove your name from our Recertification election call lists.

MTI Recertification Organizers will begin calling those who have not verified that they have voted YES. Phone banks are scheduled November 15-19. Anyone wishing to assist with calls or text messages to their colleagues should contact MTI: or 608-257-0491.

Why is recertification important?

1. Bargaining for cost-of-living base wage increases.

Employees represented by a certified labor representative are afforded the right to engage in collective bargaining over base-wage increases with their employer. MTI has bargained cost-of-living salary increases for MTI-represented employees in each of the past four years. Recertification is important to continue the right to collectively bargain base-wage increases.

2. Advocating for critical rights, benefits, and working conditions in the Employee Handbook.

MTI has worked collaboratively with the District to develop the Employee Handbook which guides workplace rights and benefits since Act 10 took effect. Through that process, we have successfully continued the vast majority of rights, benefits, and working conditions previously provided via collective bargaining. We have also gained the District’s agreement that any proposed changes to the Employee Handbook will continue to follow the same joint collaborative process for discussion and recommendation. These achievements were made possible because we had a seat at the table. Last year’s recertification election results sent a strong message that employees desired to continue to have MTI as their collective voice. We need to send the same message again this year in order to keep our seat at the table.

3. Staying United. 

It’s about supporting one another. When you and your colleagues vote to recertify MTI, policymakers know that educators stick together in solidarity on important issues that impact our students, our schools, and our profession.

4. Representation. 

It’s about fairness and how you are treated. Union members in certified bargaining units have the right to representation – also called Weingarten rights – allowing a member who is being investigated for potential discipline to be accompanied and advised by a union representative. Your colleagues appreciate your support. Show your support by voting YES to recertify MTI. Thank you!