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Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI) is a member driven Union consisting of over 4,500 members in five Bargaining Units, including; Teachers, Educational Professionals and Para Professionals, Educational Assistants, Substitute Teachers, Supportive Educational Employees (Clerical and Technical) and School Security Assistants who are employed by the Madison Metropolitan School District.

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Behavior Education Plan: Opportunity for Feedback

A District feedback form is available online for staff, students, and parents/guardians to share concerns, suggestions, successes, promising practices, and submit questions related to the Behavior Education Plan.   Individuals can complete this form anonymously or have the option to include their contact information if they would like a response by the District to their …

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See the Progressive Feature on the Privatization of Public School

This animated video by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore looks at school privatization through the eyes of little Timmy, a kindergartener who likes his public school. Timmy gets a confusing lesson in corporate education reform, starting with the rightwing mantra: “Public schools have failed.” “But I like my public school,” Timmy protests.   A top …

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Support ASO’s Santas Without Chimneys

MTI Cares encourages MTI Members to participate in the Santas Without Chimneys project for homeless children in Madison.  The effort in organized by the Autonomous Solidarity Organization (ASO) which developed out of the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising.  See below for details and how you can help! Every night, over 1,000 children in the greater Madison, WI …

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Recertification Results – All Five MTI Units Recertify by Large Numbers

Shortly after 2:00 pm today, the WERC posted the recertification results on their webpage. All MTI bargaining units have successfully recertified in BIG NUMBERS! Over 85% of all eligible voters cast ballots in the recertification election. Of those who voted, over 98% voted to recertify. In order to recertify, each union needed 51% of all …

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Roy Fortune

In Memoriam – Roy Fortune, Teacher, MTI Leader

Roy Fortune was a teacher and MTI Leader, serving on the Bargaining Committee and as Faculty Representative at Orchard Ridge (now Toki) Middle School.  He passed away on November 17, 2014.  To honor his dedication to his students, his profession and to his Union, his daughter, Lisa, contacted MTI to establish a Memorial Contribution in …

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Donate to the Adopt-a-Teen Campaign

MTI Member Liz Donnelly is requesting donations for an Adopt-A-Teen program in concert with Briarpatch Youth Services.  In addition to her work as a full-time, 4K Teacher, Liz also works as an independent consultant for Arbonne.  Donations to this campaign will help provide skin and hair care products for the winter months to a group …

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American Education Week

Though federal and state governments are obligated to provide free public education, both fail to fully fund their financial mandates.  While every child in American deserves a quality public education, the failure of federal and state governments, and the state usurping the authority of local school boards to adequately fund their schools, has placed American …

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Nuns on the Bus

‘Nuns on the Bus’ Announce Unexpected Madison Stop Sunday 7 pm

The Nuns on the Bus tour will hold a gathering called “Town Hall for the 100 percent” at 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 2, at First Unitarian Society, 900 University Bay Drive. Doors open at 6 p.m. On Monday, Nov. 3, at 8:30 a.m., the tour will hold a get-out-the-vote canvassing pep rally at the Madison …

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What’s at Risk Without MTI?

Over the past few weeks, discussions have been occurring throughout the District about MTI’s upcoming MTI Recertification Elections. One of the most frequently asked questions by newer staff, those who are not aware of MTI’s many accomplishments over the years is, “what is at risk if we lose the Union?” To answer that question, one …

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MTI Recertification Election Procedures Set

After ten days of very time consuming, detailed analysis and negotiations with MMSD, the parties have agreed as to who is eligible to vote in each of the five (5) upcoming MTI bargaining unit recertification elections.   All MTI-represented employees who were identified as having actively worked for the District as of October 1, 2014 …

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Open Enrollment and Annual Choice October 15-November 17, 2014

The District’s Open Enrollment and Annual Choice period for health insurance is October 15-November 17.  Please click here for more information on enrolling in coverage, changing coverage plans or adding/dropping dependents.

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Dine Out for DAIS October 16

Need an excuse to go out to eat?  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Thursday, October 16th is Dine Out for DAIS.  On this day 77 area restaurants will donate 10% of your food tab to support Domestic Abuse Intervention Services which operates the only emergency domestic abuse shelter serving all of Dane County. …

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Raise the Wage

Workers versus Walker! Living Wage Rally October 14

Join the Raise Wisconsin campaign for a rally holding Scott Walker accountable for failing to provide living wages now. Join the Raise Wisconsin campaign for a demonstration & rally holding Walker accountable to our demand for a living wage.  Walker refused to fulfill his obligation under Wisconsin law and meet his responsibility to Wisconsin workers …

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Volunteer to help turn out voters November 4

Help change the course of the election by hitting the doors, making phone calls and talking to our friends and neighbors about the importance of voting this November. CAN YOU MAKE CALLS, DO DATA ENTRY, OR KNOCK ON DOORS TO BRING OUT THE VOTE? Worker’s Voice Canvass Program Talk to identified eligible voters about importance …

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Union? YES! 2013 School Employee Recertification Election Results

MTI will be subject to a recertification election for the first time this fall, November 5-25, 2014.  But, hundreds of Wisconsin public sector unions were subject to recertification elections in 2013 and their experience is enlightening.  Act 10 mandates that public sector unions, other than police and fire, undergo recertification elections to determine whether the …

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Vote YES to RECERTIFY MTI November 5-25!

Governor Walker’s Act 10 requires MTI to engage in a recertification election to retain its status as the representative of those covered by MTI’s collective bargaining units.  This year’s election will be conducted between noon November 5 and noon November 25.  Voting will be via telephone or on-line.  Detailed information about the voting process will …

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Burke’s challenge against Walker: closing the turnout gap

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features an article today about why voter turnout is the biggest challenge of these mid-term elections for Mary Burke.  What can you do to turn out voters?  Your help is needed now. ——————————————————— By Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel Oct. 6, 2014 Midterm elections are as much about which people …

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