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Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI) is a member driven Union consisting of over 4,500 members in five Bargaining Units, including; Teachers, Educational Professionals and Para Professionals, Educational Assistants, Substitute Teachers, Supportive Educational Employees (Clerical and Technical) and School Security Assistants who are employed by the Madison Metropolitan School District.


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Recertification Results Show a Resounding UNION YES!

11/24/15  RESULTS UPDATE:  Shortly after 2:00 pm today, the WERC posted the recertification results on their webpage. All MTI bargaining units have successfully recertified in BIG NUMBERS! Nearly 83% of all eligible voters cast ballots in the recertification election. Of those who voted, over 98% voted to recertify. In order to recertify, each unit needed …

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Campaign against McTeacher Nights Continues!

Last month MTI joined the National Education Association and more than 50 AFT and NEA affiliates around the country in demanding an end to McTeacher’s Nights — events where McDonald’s has teachers “work” at local stores serving fast food to their students. Since this campaign launched, we’ve put the call to Stop McTeacher’s Nights on …

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Support Striking Kohler Workers

The members of United Auto Workers Local 833 voted yesterday, November 15, to go on strike at Kohler Company. Almost 2,000 members came together to say ‘enough is enough’ and voted overwhelmingly to reject the latest Kohler proposal. Why is this happening? Five years ago, during threats of company cutbacks during the recession, the members …

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Prepare for Winter Driving with WEA Member Benefits

Whether you love it or hate it, winter will be here before we know it. Negotiating wintery road conditions can be a challenge even if you are a Wisconsin native. Before you hit the road, take time to prepare yourself and your vehicle for winter driving by making sure you have essential supplies in your …

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The Fight for $15 Continues – November 10!

Next Tuesday, November 10th, is a national Day of Action to demand $15 an hour minimum wage and the right to form a union without fear or retaliation.  In Madison there will be TWO events:  12:00pm Rally at a fast food restaurant, For location details, contact MTI (257-0491 or mti@madisonteachers.org) 5:00pm Rally at the City-County …

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See a Film Screening “Beyond Measure” – Re-imagining Public Schools

“Imagine an education system that values personal growth over test scores. Inquiry over mimicry. Passion over rankings. What if we decide that the purpose of school is not the transmission of facts or formulas, but the transformation of every student? Meet the public schools that are daring to re-imagine education. And making it happen.” “Beyond …

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Parent-Teacher Conferences: Contract Language

The terms and conditions of the 2015-16 MTI/MMSD Collective Bargaining Agreement relative to Parent-Teacher Conferences provides the following: Section V-M Parent Teacher Conferences “All teachers are required to attend up to two (2) evenings for parent teacher conferences per contract year as directed by the teacher’s building administrator.  Teachers participating in evening parent-teacher conferences will …

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Health Insurance – Annual Choice/Open Enrollment

Health Insurance  Annual Choice/Open Enrollment           MTI’s various Collective Bargaining Agreements with the District provide that between October 15 and November 15 each year there is a choice to switch health insurance providers, among the insurance carriers named in each of MTI’s Contracts.  MTI members have their choice among the three insurers – GHC, Unity …

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MTI Recertification Election – November 4 – 24, 2015

Governor Walker’s Act 10 requires MTI to engage in recertification elections annually in order to retain its status as the representative of those covered by MTI’s collective bargaining units. Last year, MTI represented employees voted overwhelmingly in favor of recertification, 3,734 to 65 (98% voting in favor). This year’s election will be conducted between noon …

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Retirement Information from WEA Member Benefits

Are you Jack or Jill? Learn the value of saving for retirement sooner than later. Take a look at what happens when you start saving early for retirement with this infographic story of Jack and Jill. While they start out as equals (same school, same job, same salary), smart Jill starts saving right away while …

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Educators to McDonald’s: Stop McTeacher’s Nights!

Today, MTI joined the National Education Association and more than 50 AFT and NEA affiliates around the country in demanding an end to McTeacher’s Nights. On McTeacher’s Nights, McDonald’s recruits teachers to “work” behind the counter and serve burgers, fries and soda to their students and their students’ families. A small portion of the proceeds …

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MTI All Membership Meeting on the Employee Handbook – 10/15

REMINDER:  All MTI Members are invited to an MTI Employee Handbook Membership meeting,   Thursday, October 15 Madison Labor Temple (1602 South Park Street), 4:30-6:00 p.m.  There will be a presentation followed by an opportunity to ask questions about the Employee Handbook and/or Handbook development process. Find out more about the MMSD Employee Handbook: What …

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Dine out for DAIS Thursday October 22

Dine Out for DAIS takes place this year on Thursday October 22.  On that day 88 Dane County restaurants will donate 10% of their customer’s tab to Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) which operates the county’s only domestic violence shelter and provides other services to victims fleeing abuse.  Participating in Dine Out for DAIS not only …

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USO-MTI General Membership Meeting – Location Changed to the Labor Temple

Substitute and Off-Campus Program Teachers are urged to attend the USO-MTI General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, October 14, at the Madison Labor Temple (Room 109).  The meeting begins at 4:15 p.m.   Nominations and Elections will be held for all USO-MTI Offices: President, Vice President (K-6), Vice President (7-12), Vice President (At-Large), and Secretary. Now …

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Phone Banks on Monday 10/2 to Oppose Civil Service Changes

More bad legislation from the Wisconsin GOP aimed at state workers. Note that in 2011 Walker said they didn’t need Unions because these civil services protections were in place. Now, he wants to get rid of them too. These people are so full of hubris that they just don’t care who they hurt in their …

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Marty Beil

The Passing and Legacy of Marty Beil

Posted today on Madison.com ‘He was a legend’: Wisconsin labor leader Marty Beil dies at 68 Longtime labor leader Marty Beil died Thursday night, just a few months after retiring from his post. He was 68. Beil retired in June after a storied career leading the the Wisconsin State Employees Union, which merged this year …

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WEA Member Benefits

Test Your Insurance with WEA Member Benefits

We have a test you’ll actually like! Putting your insurance to the test with an insurance consultation from WEA Member Benefits will help you identify gaps in your coverage that leave you at risk. Poorly written policies happen more than you’d think. Can you answer the following question? An insurance consultation will help you:         …

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Important information about the Employee Handbook, September 18, 2015

Please review the information posted below regarding the Employee Handbook which will be effective in the 2016-17 School Year!  We are still operating under a collective bargaining agreement for 2015-16.  Employee Handbook Update to MTI Members, Please Read MMSD Employee Handbook Recommendation The Board of Education will take up these recommendations on Monday, September 21, …

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