OPEIU Support Statement // Events // News // Uncategorized // May 26th, 2023

Support OPEIU Local 39 in their Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) Strike of CUNA Mutual

Workers at CUNA Mutual Group are currently on STRIKE against unfair labor practices by CUNA Mutual management. They have been working to resolve their contract since February 2022 and have yet to do so. They company has refused to meet with the Union since January 12th and is not bargaining in good faith. They also fired the lead organizer and Head Steward, Joe Evica, for his organizing work on the campaign.

Given that these workers are putting their pay on the line to fight for a fair contract, they are seeking small donations to their strike fund to allow these actions to take place without impacting their family incomes too severely.

Crowd sources strike funds are one way that workers can band together to show Solidarity by supporting those who are picketing for their rights and their families.

MTI Statement of Support.

CUNA Mutual earned more than $1 BILLION in profits over the past three years and is refusing to share the success of the company with the workers who helped make it happen. This kind of corporate greed harms everyone, not just the workers on the picket line. Read more about CUNA’s history. 

When a company with excessive profits refuses to negotiate, proposes lower pay, and cuts to retirement benefits for its employees, it is for no other reason than to increase profits even more for those at the top who view employees as expendable and replaceable.

MTI Picket Support – Wednesday, May 31, after school

The picket line is outside of CUNA Mutual on Mineral Point Road. Parking is available at Garner Park. MTI members who are interested in showing support for the CMG United Workers should don your MTI red and come to the picket line after school on Wednesday, May 31. Sign up or show up, but, either way, always bring a crowd!